"A Journey Into The Soul"

 Welcome To The New You!


A Kabbalistic, Experiential & Psychological Understanding Of Our Spiritual/Human Make-Up & How We Can Transform It

Based on the Tanya, Zohar & Contemporary Thought

5 Week Semester- Starting October 25th - November 22, 2020

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Weekly Live Webinar Classes

On Sunday evenings 8:30 pm Jerusalem time  

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Recorded Classes 

Kabbalah Academy & Master Classes

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Guided Meditations 

Recorded meditations which integrates the material learned 

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Journaling & Practical Exercises 

Its all about change and the real-life application 

What You Will Gain By Joining This Semester:

  • Understand your spiritual human make-up and gain tools for how to access and unleash your inner potential
  • Tap into your true dreams, passions & desires
  • Discover your life mission
  • Free yourself of emotional traumas & limiting beliefs
  • Regain power & control over your life
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Especially now, in these difficult times of Covid-19 world. 


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Week 1: 

Our Soul Makeup | What Are The Powers At Play?

What is the origin of our internal spiritual compass? Why do we swing from acting like angels to erratic self destructive behaviors?

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Week 2:  

Meet The Limiting Beliefs Of Our Default Mode

We are born with limitless potential. What is at the core of our limiting beliefs and perception of ourselves?

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Week 3: 

Know Thyself | What Triggers Your Inner World? 

It is never too late to become self aware & know our inner selves thereby freeing us to assume our higher potential 

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Week 4: 

Soar Like An Eagle | Discover Your Celestial Wings

Our inner makeup is selfless, infinite and interconnected to the entire cosmos. Learn to use your celestial wings 

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Week 5: 

The Body's Divine Intelligence 

Kabbalah teaches that the body is rooted in a higher spiritual source than the soul. Discover how to listen to your body and the interface it has with the soul

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Rabbi Amichai Cohen M.S

Rabbi Amichai Cohen is a Torah Scholar, mentor and teacher based in the holy city of Safed, Israel. He is the Founder of Live Kabbalah School, an online community where people come together to learn and apply the wisdom of Kabbalah with the goal of bringing positive connection to the world. 
Born in Jerusalem Israel, Rabbi Cohen grew up in the U.S. and holds a Masters degree in Special Education, where he has 15 years of experience in the field as a teacher and principal and founder of a school.
Rabbi Cohen has taught thousands of students from around the world both online in-person.
Rabbi Cohen has facilitated workshops for TaglitBirthright groups as well as  teaching in various Yeshivot and Seminary institutions.
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Miriam Cohen 

Miriam is a down to earth and talented spiritual mentor and teacher who has the life wisdom, experience and intuition to connect the abstract with the practical. 

Miriam specializes in helping women access true feminine energy in all of her teachings.

As an acutely intuitive individual, Miriam has keen insight into the intricacies of self growth and relationships through the wisdom of kabbalah and chassidus. 

It will come with no surprise that as a mother of 10, she has much to say and advise on children and parenting. 

Miriam has a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy, which she worked in for many years. Her deepest passion is education of her family and young women and adults in Machon Alta Women's Seminary in Tzfat and online. 

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"Love Your Fellow As Your Self" -Building Communities Of The Future

Semester 1:  "A Journey Into The Soul- Welcome To The New You: A Kabbalistic, Psychological & Experiential Understanding Of Our Spiritual Makeup"

5 Weeks, Starting October 25, 2020 - November 22, 2020


Semester 2: "The Doorway To The Subconscious | Meditation & The Mind According To Kabbalah

5 Weeks, Starting January 10, 2021- February 7, 2021


Semester 3: "Fundamentals of Emunah & Bitachon | Deepening Our Belief & Trust In The Divine & Ourselves" 

5 Weeks, Starting February 21, 2021- March 21, 2021


Semester 4:  Mastery Coaching Program - "The Tools": The Sefirot Applied 

8 Weeks, Starting April 11, 2021- June 6, 2021


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Connecting To Others Is Dependent On Connecting To Our True Highest Selves

This is THE calling of our time. Let us RISE to the occasion!!



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What are people saying about Live Kabbalah?

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Joseph Fleischman, Connecticut, USA 

"It is a rare and precious experience when someone ‘hears’ your unique voice and opens internal doors or windows that may have been closed for too long. Through their  effortless blend of knowledge of Torah, Chasidus and Kabbalah combined with simple yet firm love for people, Rabbi Amichai and Miriam Cohen have created the open door of ‘livekabbalah.com’ . This unique online gathering space offers persons a new context by which to discover him or herself positioned before their Creator.  Here a person may be heard or hear him or herself like never before. Especially at this time of rapid change, turbulence, and tumult when so much of life seems to be shaken to its root, Rabbi Amichai and Miriam share their voices of peace and clarity from the hill in S’fat. They are wonderful companions joined together  in accompanying their students, colleagues and friends in a path to clearer direction and greater devotion and love for God." 


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Jason Hotchkiss, Pennsylvania, USA

“Live Kabbalah has taken me to new levels spiritually. It has changed my life. I listen to classes almost daily. I journal all of them, study them and apply them.”

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Shimona Tzukernik, International Torah Lecturer, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Amichai is an original thinker, profound, focused, and sincere. As a teacher, he has the ability to open learners up to a fresh way of thinking. He also helps them access purpose and a sense of their own soul. I consider it a privilege to hear him teach and know him as a person.

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Mordechai David Naseck, Holistic Practitioner, Arizona, USA

Rabbi Amichai Cohen is an amazing teacher. He is gifted with the ability to connect the mystical to the practical  both in his teachings and in life itself

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Semester 1: Journey Into The Self


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If you are currently a Live Kabbalah student contact us for a coupon code for an extra special discounted price