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Welcome to an all-inclusive world where you, the universe and G-d are ONE. Delve into the foundations of Kabbalah & transform your life!

Kabbalah 101 - Live Webinar 

Join us for a live- streamed 3 week webinar, a journey into the soul of the universe!
Week 1: What is Kabbalah & historical overview
Week 2: Tikkun Olam, the human make up & what Kabbalah says about achieving our highest potential
Week 3: The creation of the world- the Kabbalistic "Big Bang", The Divine Names + Bonus guided Kabbalistic meditation 



What Is Included?

3 Live - Streamed Interactive Classes

Brace yourself to jump into the introductory philosophy of Kabbalah, a deep and all inclusive world view of yourself, G-D, and the world

All classes are presented by Rabbi Amichai Cohen, founder & director of

Ask question & interact with other students as we simultaneously embark on this journey together

Profoundly Applicable Guided Kabbalah Meditation 

3 Recorded Classes + PDF Notes

Receive access to 3 recorded classes from Live Kabbalah's Kabbalah Academy 

+ In-depth PDF notes which accompany the classes

All Webinar classes are recorded and will be uploaded on the site for you viewing 


When and Where?

All Classes are conveniently accessed from your device using  

Class #1: Sunday, March 31st

Class #2: Sunday, April 7th

Class#3: Sunday, April 14th

 Time: 9 pm Israel time, 2 pm EST. 

For a world time converter click: here



"I am enjoying learning the lessons. It has helped me to improve and put pieces together of thoughts I had since childhood"

Lynn Bass
Maryland, U.S

"Rabbi Amichai, I Love You! Your ability to put together and bring down these lessons amazes me! Thank you for all of your labors; may they continue to bring forth much increase and abundant blessing!!"

James Dodd
Texas, U.S

"Tthank you, Rabbi Cohen. What a wonderful presentation of this fundamental aspect of spirituality. Along with other things, I was intrigued by the notion of prayer as 'changing reality' - also as 'defying a person's nature'. blessings. JF"

Joseph Fleischman
New Haven, Connecticut

"Amichai Cohen is a breath of fresh air in a fast paced, overwhelming, decision oriented society and culture. His presence is calming, and his words are expanding."

Brian Polonsky
Los Angeles, California

"Rabbi Amichai Cohen is honestly the only one I trust to learn Kabbalah from and love studying his teachings. "

Jason Hotchkiss
Cory, Pennsylvania

"Live Kabbalah has been such a gift to me. I find the courses so insightful and wisdom packed. Thanks for being here for me!!"

Dana Simon
San Fransisco, California

"I never thought that such a thing as Live Kabbalah could be out there. Thanks for being a light out there."

Carolyn Hubner
Stockholm, Sweden

Your Instructor

Rabbi Amichai Cohen M.S

Rabbi Amichai is a teacher, and spiritual mentor living in Tzfat, Israel. He is the founder & director of as well as a senior lecturer in Ascent of Safed. 

Rabbi Amichai was born in Jersusalem Israel, and grew up in the U.S in the modern Orthodox community of Woodmere, N.Y. He served as an ordained rabbi in Boca Raton Florida and holds a Masters degree in Special Education from Touro College. 

Amichai’s ancestry is Moroccan from his father’s side (direct descendant of Rabbi Avraham Azulai and Rabbi David Cohen Skali) and German from his mother’s side (descendant of Rabbi David Ganz). 

Rabbi Amichai is a Chabad emissary and has taught in Chabad Yeshivot and Seminaries. In Ascent Of Safed he has facilitated lectures and workshops to thousands of students from all over the world including hundreds of Taglit/Birthright groups on topics of Jewish spirituality and wisdom.

His interests are learning and teaching Torah, Kabbalah & Chassidut, Meditation,  Philosophy, History, Wine- Making, and Education.

Amichai's hobbies are spending quality time with his wife and children, swimming, hiking, music, martial arts and bicycle riding.

These many facets merge to make Amichai’s personality and insights engaging, relevant and valuable to a wide range of audiences, inspiring both spiritual and practical inner growth. 

Intro To Kabbalah - Webinar: $120 (webinar is Free for Live Kabbalah Students)

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Intro To Kabbalah - Live Webinar

This course will profoundly affect how you see yourself and the world. Get ready and jump in now!


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