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Anxiety * Learning * Life Mentoring * Narcissistic Healing * Overcoming Fears * Parenting * Relationships.

Hi, welcome to Live Kabbalah coaching!

Over the past 20 years we have worked 1:1 with individuals and small groups. 

Drawing from Kabbalah/Chassidut and Psychology, we created a powerful system of understanding our emotional, psychological and spiritual make up called "The Tools- Sefirot Applied"

The Kabbalah Tools identifies our 10 core emotional, psychological and spiritual virtues, also known as the Sefirot.

Through 1:1 or small group work, we practically understand the Sefirot, teaching the skill of self awareness of the Sefira and employing the tools for us to heal from past traumas and guide you to courageously face the future and whom we need. 

Unlike any other coaching systems out there,The Tools- Sefirot Applied is a process of deep inner work and embracing our holistic whole selves. 

Rabbi Amichai & Miriam Cohen

"Let Us Make Man" Genesis

Our life is our most creative project, molding ourselves learning how to become the person who we are destined to be. Our journeys are not designed to be simple and we often get stuck. As humans, we are a composite of opposites. An intricate physical body, a complex emotional nature and an eternal spiritual soul which yearns soar to the heavens. We become co-creators with G-d, allowing the greatest good manifest in our lives. Just as tools are used to fix things, "The Kabbalah Tools", give us the ability to practically mend our inner lives.

"Rav Amichai Cohen is an incredible mentor with real time tools and tips that help with emotional growth and spirituality. I've gained so much from his help and support and really recommend it to others"

Naomi Kohn
Fitness trainer

"Amichai Cohen is a breath of fresh air in a fast paced, overwhelming, decision oriented society and culture. His presence is calming, and his words are expanding. I felt paralysed in making a big decision and he listened carefully, questioned skilfully, and helped me get to the answer on my own. He is by no means a passive leader, he is an active leader, speaker, and influencer, but engages with people in a way that lets them be empowered and take ownership. His wisdom is timeless, his heart is massive, and his ability to share esoteric Torah ideas in a way that resonates is uncanny. Get connected with him! "

Brian Polonsky
Tele Sales Coach/Personal Coach/Speaker

"Besides being a mentor and teacher, Rabbi Amichai has been a great friend who has helped me become anchored, and find and pursue my life mission with inner joy. His wisdom, expertise and compassion make him incredibly valuable mentor whom everyone can benefit from."

Jason Samuel

"I am privileged to call Rabbi Cohen my teacher, a mentor and guide and a dear friend. I highly recommend him as a teacher and spiritual mentor."

Yosef David Hasson

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