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I am passionate about helping people from all over the world step into their highest selves. As someone who has been on my own journey of healing, I know very well what it's like to be on the other side. I have been led on a unique path of discovering my own light and essence which was hidden under many layers of trauma, pain, insecurities, and limiting beliefs about myself and my potential. I was led on an amazing discovery to the light of my own soul through deeply integrating teachings of the mystical dimension of the Torah, and feel blessed to have learned practical coaching and healing tools from some of the best experts in the world. I combine a unique holistic approach to helping others access their deepest light and beauty, guiding them to bring love, compassion and authenticity to their lives. 


 I am Here To Guide You On Your Journey To:

  • Step into your true highest self & beauty
  • Connect to your inner light and open the gates to self-love
  • Cultivate your intuition and tools to trust your inner voice
  • Learn the signs of Codependency and how to heal
  • Create healthy borders and heal from narcissistic abuse
  • Deepen your ability to fully love and bring more passion into your relationships
  • Revitalize your life force energy and exuberance
  • Master the art of transforming shame into self-confidence and challenges into resilience
  • Learn the art of self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • Connect to your body as a vehicle for your soul
  • Learn techniques to regulate your nervous system and tools for anxiety
  • Face and overcome your fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs
  • Learn the art of gratitude
  • Learn to have an authentic and deep relationship with yourself through your children and learn to connect to them with more love and joy

 About Miriam 

 As a wife, mother of 10, a student and teacher of Chassidus, a life coach, and a mentor, Miriam is able to integrate her unique life experiences with deep concepts in a way that is practical and relevant to people's lives.
Through Miriam's life wisdom, experience, and intuition she is able to help others connect and live from their higher selves and bring healing, fulfillment, and love to their lives.
Miriam has a master's degree in Occupational Therapy where she worked professionally for many years. Her greatest passion and life mission is teaching and helping others connect and integrate their true Divine essence into their everyday lives.

"Connecting to Miriam has been a DIvine invitation to discover and uncover my inner greatness. Miriam is exquisitely aligned with true femininity and is a model for integrated awareness and authenticity. Her warmth, spirit, and sense of humor enable her to be a conduit as a truly supportive coach and mentor"


London, UK


"Miriam Cohen is a teacher, mother, guide, mentor, and friend. What she has to share comes from her heart of hearts; a balance of inner Torah and personal experience that makes what she gives over so real. She really has so much to give over in the realm of partnership and parenting, that offers insights into our relationship with G-and how those dynamics work inside each and every one of us. Deeply intuitive, honest, and a wellspring of knowledge that always fills my cup with exactly what I need to hear. She has a gift to meet whoever is with her where they are at and bring them to where they want to be (and even beyond!). One of the most accepting people I have ever met, and yet she is rock solid in her values. I highly encourage any women of any age, to work with Miriam; especially when seeking to find guidance into their own inner world, intuition, and practical tools to take steps forward."

Maryam Mades, Live Kabbalah Student

Hollywood, Florida

As a life coach and a teacher, Miriam's deep wisdom, empathetic, compassionate support, and intuition, in the place where I am, her reflective accuracy has helped me move mountains internally- and affected external shifts (I dreamed of) in just a few short weeks!

Dara M. 

L.A, California

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