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All classes are broken down and explained in an easy to understand way. Live Kabbalah Online School is comprised of 3 tracks

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Kabbalah Academy

Learn the essentials. Understand core concepts and fundamental ideas taught in Kabbalah and how it applies to our day to day life. All teachings are academic and yet practical and applicable to your life. 

Kabbalah Academy 1- Intro to Kabbalah as well as core concepts needed to advance in Kabbalah learning. 

Kabbalah Academy 2- delves deeper into the core concepts, expounds on them, and takes Kabbalah learning to a whole new level.  

Kabbalah Academy 3 is being developed and coming soon

All classes are HD and accompanied by PDF notes of the classes with Assessments coming..


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Kabbalah & Me

Short and applicable nuggets of information about life, relationship, career and spirituality. No prior backgownd is needed.

Kabbalah & Me brings down some of those "out there" concepts to an understandable and relatable place so you can grow and improve your life.

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Master Classes

Jump in the deep waters! Many classes are level appropriate for all students. The Master Class section of the site is an ever growing collection of teachings on all topics of Kabbalah & Chassidut texts. The video and PDF library is a chance to explore topics and books which many are unable to learn. Now is the opportunity to learn from a master teacher.

All classes are HD and accompanied by PDF notes of the classes with Assessments coming..

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Live & Recorded Webinars

Each week Live Kabbalah offers a webinar class to in person and online to students from all over the world on current events contemporary through the lens of Kabbalah & Chassidut. As a bonus section, all recorded webinars are available to members on the site. 


"Live Kabbalah provides deeply profound learning, in a simple, easy to understand way. It is like having a personal teacher like to guide through the complex world of Kabbalah. This has made all the difference to me"

Steve Gross
CEO Freedom Telework, Boca Raton Florida

"I needed deeper spiritual studies. Live Kabbalah, has really taken me to new levels spiritually. I feel close to the teacher & see him as my rabbi & mentor. Live Kabbalah has literally changed my life. I listen to them almost daily. I journal all of the classes and study them & apply them. The teacher is fantastic! I highly recommend these courses if you want to take your spiritual life to the next level! "

Jason Hotchkiss

"If you want to learn Kabbalah basics and how they apply to your life this is for you. One is totally enrolled and entrenched in a high level and practical wisdom. "

Dana Simon
Yoga Instructor, Bay Area California

"“Live Kabbalah has been a blessing for me. I had been searching high and low and by pure accident came across Live Kabbalah and I have not looked back. There are many so called "teachers", but all I can say is that Live Kabbalah is the real deal.”"

Jay Dallis
Student, Brisbane Australia

"Best teacher EVER! An honor to be learning with Rabbi Cohen for the past 4 years. If you really want to learn, this is for you!"

Michaela Berkowitz
Holistic practitioner, Tel Aviv Israel

"I am overwhelmed with gratitude to the Kadosh Barukh Hue for the great privilege and honor to be able call Rabbi Amichai my teacher, mentor and dear friend. I have no shortage of words in expressing my admirations for Amichai and the difference that Live Kabbalah is making in my life. Rabbi Amichai has literally been a lifeline for me and a guiding light in my wanderings through the unknown. He has gone above and beyond for me with genuine concern and an eager willingness to help, even someone as lowly and far away as myself. Rabbi Amichai is so deeply connected with all the various aspects of the Torah cycle, it is often times very apparent to me while learning from him that he is connecting me to something much greater than myself. Rabbi Amichai is the real deal and in my humble opinion, Live Kabbalah is nothing short of the great work of the revelation of the light of Moshiach Tzidkeinu. In the lofty language of the Holy Zohar, "If I had come into the world just to hear these teachings it would have been sufficient for me!""

Jeffery Dodd
Book Keeper

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