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Below you will find the recording of the summit in case you missed it, or would like to watch the replay. The amazing complementary gifts each of our light- warriors has for you.


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Moderator: Emily Frances 

Emily Frances is an Emmy-winning Reporter and Host from New York City's WPIX TV. Emily spent years as the celebrity interviewer on the WPIX Morning News, even covering the Academy Awards.  Seeking a personal, spiritual and professional life change, Emily made Aaliyah 6 years ago with her Israeli husband and 2 small children.

Emily was the  Host of “Trending” for 2 years on i24 News English in Jaffa and broadcast in 20 million homes in the United States. Emily is now the Culture Correspondent where she is able to produce magazine reports about women leaders throughout history, as well as spiritual, biblical and historical topics. Emily  frequently hosts  “Holy Land Uncovered, ” i24 news biblical and historical magazine show. 
Emily has been studying Kabbalah for 14 years and produces many reports on Jewish Mysticism.
Follow Emily and her incredible work @ https://www.facebook.com/theemilyfrances
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Julian Brass

Julian Brass is the international bestselling author of Own Your Anxiety, a global keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, certified health coach, international yoga instructor and spiritual teacher. He is also a wellness entrepreneur and investor. Julian helps high-performing teams and individuals meet their goals professionally while living healthier, more fulfilling lives. As the founder and former CEO of an award-winning media company in a fast-paced and cutthroat industry, Julian experienced severe anxiety first-hand in 2008. This inspired him to seek out natural ways to turn anxiety from debilitating to facilitating. Julian sold Notable Life in 2017 moving on to explore and teach ways to nurture our minds, bodies and souls to improve mental health, success, wellness and resilience. After a deep exploration of medical research from the west and holistic philosophies from the east, Julian wrote Own Your Anxiety: 99 Ways to Channel Your Secret Edge. Julian's book which peaked to the top of the international bestseller list in the same week as Michelle Obama’s Becoming, provides 99 comprehensive and digestible tools to help people all over the world own their anxiety and live more fulfilling, successful, and happy lives. You can learn more about Julian at JulianBrass.com and on instagram @julianbrass

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Julian's Give Away:

International Best selling book "Own Your Anxiety - 99 Ways To Conquer Anxiety" E-Book.

Rabbi Amichai Cohen

Rabbi Amichai is a scholar, spiritual mentor, and inspirational speaker. 

Based out of Tzfat, Israel, Amichai has taught thousands of students from around the world both online and in-person about the profound wisdom of Kabbalah & Chassidut.

Rabbi Amichai's approach is practical and inspiring, drawing upon authentic textual sources and applying them to real-world success and inner personal transformation.

Rabbi Amichai was born in Jerusalem Israel and grew up in the U.S. He is a descendant of Kabbalist Rabbi Avraham Azulai. 

As a senior lecturer at Ascent Of Safed, Rabbi Amichai leads lectures and facilitated workshops for Taglit/Birthright groups and visitors to Tzfat.


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Rabbi Amichai's Give Away:

Reincarnations- "The Secret of The Gilgul" Kabbalah Academy, Master Class & PDF

Shifra Chana Hendrie

Shifra Chana Hendrie has been studying and teaching about Redemption for over three decades. Inspired by the vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe -- a world of peace, joy, Godliness, awakened Divine consciousness and blessings emerging in our times -- Shifra's passion and purpose is to empower people of all backgrounds to co-create and experience that Divine, miraculous world, beginning in their own lives.

Shifra is the founder of Gate of Unity and the Geula Institute, and in her years as a Summit host, has interviewed some of the most innovative healers and thought leaders in the world today.

As a spiritual mentor, teacher, transformational coach and healer, she has helped thousands of people around the globe to experience profound and lasting shifts through life-changing programs, classes and support, all based on the mystical wisdom of authentic Kabbalah, the spiritual blueprint for creation.

Shifra's Give Away:

Access to all six life-changing Viral Awakening- Geula Summit replays.

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Shifra's Gift

Mordechai David Naseck

Mordechai David has taught at many world-renowned spas, resorts, ashrams and institutes including Canyon Ranch, Miraval Life in Balance, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Omega Institute and Ascent of Tzfat. His premier energy healing, Namassage™, has been offered at Miraval Life In Balance and his Shamanic Journeys at Canyon Ranch. Mordechai David was a featured lecturer, trainer, and teacher in conjunction with the Canyon Ranch Spa Club aboard Cunard's Queen Mary 2 ocean liner during her maiden year. Mordechai David created Canyon Ranch's very successful metaphysical service, Shamanic Journey, in 2002. Shamanic Journey enables the client to become more in touch with their true essence. Since the inception of Shamanic Journey, he has assisted thousands of people in transforming their physical, emotion, psychological and spiritual imbalances/blockages from a cellular level. His very well received and popular lecture~experience Energy Connection™ teaches people of the link between alternative healing modalities, quantum physics and spirituality. 
The flavor that Mordechai David brings to all of his work is an atmosphere of love, safety, opening, and healing where people feel able to let down their guard and walls from past pains, traumas, abuse, and ways of being that create imbalance and dis-ease. Mordechai David is able to take his clients into the depth of their heart and soul to receive guidance, knowledge, inspiration and healing that changes their life / lifestyle to reflect a more authentic divine expression of their being.
After studying Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical for over 10 years, he created Kabbalistic Journey™ a profound inner journey of healing and transformation. His Kabbalistic Healing sessions are life altering as they facilitate healing from the deepest level of heart and soul.


Mordechai David Naseck's Gifts

Spring Cleaning Healing Meditation Experience

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Mordechai's Gifts

Danna Pycher

Danna Pycher is an international motivational speaker as featured on TEDx with more than 1.5 million views, hypnotherapist, and founder of the Transformation Clinic. She specializes in healing trauma, stress/anxiety, autoimmune disorders and weight loss. She works with people from around the world to help them overcome underlying emotional issues that created or aggravate physical distress. 

She now offers certification courses to become hypnosis practitioners, as well as, trained in her specific method she uses to work with autoimmune illness. 
Her highly acclaimed self-healing courses for autoimmune recovery, weight loss, and emotional mastery can be found here: https://courses.dannapycher.com/ These courses offer a strategized healing of the mind to naturally, effortlessly, and easily shift our behaviors. 
If you are interested in learning more about working with Danna, healing events, courses, or becoming a practitioner please visit www.dannapycher.com

Danna's Gift: Quarantine Stress Relief Course 

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Danna's Gift

Amanda Ronson

Amanda Ronson is a renowned Consciousness Development Teacher, Energy Master and Spiritual Healer.

Amanda has been teaching and practicing for the past 20 years around the world, developing her own personal healing method drawing upon the spiritual principles and wisdom of Kabbalah applying a practical integrated approach.  

Amanda is the founder of Alchemy Healing.  She treats individuals, groups and business teams and her Alchemy Healing Workshops are now available online. Amanda’s method is a 10 step journey of growth and transformation. She provides practical integrated spirituality for everyday life bringing all her participants into unified consciousness.

Amanda's healing approach includes elements of: mirroring techniques, spiritual counseling, guided imagery, teaching the practicalities of energy systems, light work, lessons with spirit guides through metaphor and parables, channeling, past life regression therapy, and inter life regression therapy.

Amanda has successfully treated thousands of clients with her method achieving life changing results. She has treated people with physical illnesses, emotional disorders, depression, PTSD, OCD, anxiety, behavioral disorders, addictions, learning disorders and eating disorders. Amanda also works with people who simply want to change their lives and live with greater meaning and purpose.

Amanda is currently writing her book based upon her life work and the incredible findings uncovered in her 20 year experience of healing both herself and others.  

Amanda has been a regular guest on i24 TV News broadcasting to 20 million homes in the USA and has been invited to present at a number of international conferences and online forums.

Amanda can be found at www.alchemyhealing.com if you would like to find out more about Amanda and her work.
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 Amanda's Gift:

Creating New Earth 

A Meditation To Creating New Earth & Clearing Coronavirus From The Earth Plane