$260.00 USD

Kabbalah & Astrology

Kabbalah is the ancient esoteric wisdom that reveals the story of creation and the purpose of life. In the Kabbalistic tradition, there are many teachings on Astrology and how mankind can best connect to their Divine purpose.

Abraham was the first Astrologist who wrote a book called "Sefer Yetzirah" -"The Book of Formation" which goes into depth on the Astrological nature of creation.

Join Rabbi Amichai and Rachel Schwartz, two renown experts in their fields, for this fascinating and enriching dive into the cosmos and your life.

What you'll get:

  • Four live, in-depth sessions on the essence of Kabbalah & Astrology
  • 12 Part- Beyond The Zodiac Course, which goes into the depth of each month according to Kabbalah
  • Recorded video & Audio session from Rachel & Rabbi Amichai  
  • Special Q&A with Rachel & Rabbi Amichai
  • Community forum to ask and interact with teachers and peers
  • Watch and listen to a special user-friendly portal as well as an app for your convenience

All of the sessions will be recorded and are available to you for lifetime access.