$2,800.00 USD

Breakthrough Retreat

Join us for a transformative adventure—a deep dive into a six-day Tzfat & Upper Galilee breakthrough retreat encompassing your body, mind, and soul. Breakthrough to reconnect to your focus, inner mission.

What is included:

  • Guided self-exploration sessions, breathwork, and meditation
  • Meaningful teambuilding, initiation rituals, and rites of passage
  • Serene space for inner reflection
  • Meet and connect like-minded souls worldwide as we uplift each other.
  • Workshops and discussions on life themes
  • Personal development and growth workshops
  • An in-depth tour of Tzfat. Meet inspirational locals
  • Prayer, Torah learning, mindfulness, and outdoor activities
  • Learn and connect about/with the Sages /Tzadikim of the region
  • Individual coaching and mentoring
  • Uplifting Shabbat experience in Tzfat
  • Culminating celebration ceremony
  • Pre and Post-retreat meetings and follow-up and support
  • Resource materials and takeaways for continued growth

If you prefer to pay in installments, contact us at [email protected]

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