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"Let Us Make Man..."  

Our life is our most creative project, molding ourselves learning how to become the "man" or woman we need to become is the purpose of life.  Psychologist Abraham Maslow says "what one can become, one must become".

"Let us make man" -Genesis 1:26. What does this eternal statement mean? The commentators say that God was addressing all of creation, asking each part to contribute its various strengths and qualities to man's, creation – for man or Adam, is the pinnacle of God's creation and contains the elements of everything within him".


"We are spiritual beings having a human experience"

Our journeys are not designed to be simple. As humans, we are a composite of opposites. An intricate physical body, a complex emotional nature and an eternal spiritual soul which yearns soar to the heavens. 

Kabbalah explains that Adam  has letters- אדם which corresponds to thought, speech and action. A complete "man-Adam" has control over these three faculties.

It is not enough to know the answers to how to live merely intellectually. One must learn to apply this knowledge by choosing a life mentor and guide. In Hebrew, this is called a Rav or a Mashpia. Unfortunately, these mentors are hard to come by. Even if one has such mentors in their life, they don't have the time to get into the intricacies of the individual's life's. On a deeper level, without paying for the time and expertise, the individual will not appreciate and implement the wisdom and mentorship of the Mashpia.

Here is your opportunity to work with me 1:,1 where I will share my wisdom and experience and mentorship. Together and with G-d's help, "let us make man"!

We Only Live Once. Live The Most Fulfilling Life Possible!


Introductory session where I hear about you and where you want to get to in your life.

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Delve deeper into your issues, aspirations and plan a path for helping you get there.

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On-going mentoring on relationship, work and spiritual growth. 

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Life Mentoring & 1:1 Learning

Together let's delve into the texts and take your learning to new heights.

Help find your life's mission.  Define & strategize a clear path to reach your goals. Live a focused and fulfilling life holistically, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Marriage and relationship mentoring. 

Learn the keys to fixed communication. Attract the right people to your life. Learn to improve your communication and relationship with the most important people in your life.



Business & Career

Find the career which is meant for you. Learn the tools of affluence and success. Pursue joy, productivity and meaning in your workplace.

Find your higher business calling and achieve your dreams.

This Is YOUR Time..

Holistically optimize your life on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

My name is Rabbi Amichai Cohen. I would like to share with you the insights I have learned and developed from years of study and application. I am happy to help you optimize your physical, emotional, practical and spiritual self and holistically live the life you are destined to live.

Here's a little about me: I am a rabbi, mentor and a teacher to many individuals of all backgrounds and ages from around the world.

Over the past, I have mentored many people with their career, relationship, parenting, and spiritual growth.I hold a rabbinic ordination from the Israel Beit Din and a descendent of Kabbalist Rabbi Avraham Azulai.

I also have a Masters degree in Special Education and worked in the field of Education for more than 20 years. In this time, I have lectured, taught, started schools and conducted workshop for tens of thousands of students from around the world. 

It would be my honor to journey with you! Book your complimentary first session below. All meetings are 1hour long and are through Zoom.us, Skype or in person if you are in the mystical City of Tzfat.

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Mrs. Miriam Cohen M.A

Women's Wisdom, Experience & Insight

Miriam is an incredibly down to earth and talented mentor and teacher who has the life wisdom, experience and intuition to connect the abstract with the practical. 

Miriam specializes in helping women to find the balance of family and work. She is an acutely intuitive individual, and has keen insight into the intricacies of relationships. It will come with no surprise that as a mother of 10, she has much to say and advise on children and parenting. 

Miriam has a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy, which she worked in the proffesion for 15 years. Her deepest passion is education of her family and young women and adults which she interacts with.

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"Rav Amichai Cohen is an incredible mentor with real time tools and tips that help with emotional growth and spirituality. I've gained so much from his help and support and really recommend it to others"

Naomi Kohn
Fitness trainer

"Amichai Cohen is a breath of fresh air in a fast paced, overwhelming, decision oriented society and culture. His presence is calming, and his words are expanding. I felt paralysed in making a big decision and he listened carefully, questioned skilfully, and helped me get to the answer on my own. He is by no means a passive leader, he is an active leader, speaker, and influencer, but engages with people in a way that lets them be empowered and take ownership. His wisdom is timeless, his heart is massive, and his ability to share esoteric Torah ideas in a way that resonates is uncanny. Get connected with him! "

Brian Polonsky
Tele Sales Coach/Personal Coach/Speaker

"Besides being a mentor and teacher, Rabbi Amichai has been a great friend who has helped me become anchored, and find and pursue my life mission with inner joy. His wisdom, expertise and compassion make him incredibly valuable mentor whom everyone can benefit from."

Jason Samuel

"I am privileged to call Rabbi Cohen my teacher, a mentor and guide and a dear friend. I highly recommend him as a teacher and spiritual mentor."

Yosef David Hasson

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