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We are blessed to be living in an information era, where knowledge and learning is at our fingertips like never before.

Live Kabbalah is an online platform which allows YOU to sequentially learn and grow with a clear direction, from the capital of Kabbalah - Safed, Israel.

Membership gives you instant access to a wealth of knowledge. New classes and courses are added weekly.

With a multitude of quality classes at your finger tips, YOU enter a new realm of learning opportunities!

With a range of membership options join for Free, Premium and Community Membership.


Kabbalah & Me

Find out how to apply this wisdom in your day to day life. Learn how Kabbalah will make you happier and more fulfilled in your personal life, business and relationships with others. 

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Kabbalah Academy

Learn the basics. Understand core concepts and fundamental ideas taught in Kabbalah and how it applies to our day to day life.

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Master Classes

Become a master. Master Classes are an in-depth study of classic and contemporary Kabbalistic texts, some accessible in English for the first time.
Study texts such as the Zohar, Baal Shem Tov, Arizal on the weekly Torah portion, and more.

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It would be our privilege to journey with you!

What CEOs, practitioners and students from around the world have to say

"Live Kabbalah provides deeply profound learning, in a simple, easy to understand way. It is like having a personal teacher like to guide through the complex world of Kabbalah. This has made all the difference to me"

Steve Gross
CEO Freedom Telework, Boca Raton Florida

"If you want to learn Kabbalah basics and how they apply to your life this is for you. Totally worth the tuition price. One is totally enrolled and entrenched in a high level and practical wisdom. "

Dana Simon
Yoga Instructor, Bay Area California

"“Live Kabbalah has been a blessing for me. I had been searching high and low and by pure accident came across Live Kabbalah and I have not looked back. There are many so called "teachers", but all I can say is that Live Kabbalah is the real deal.”"

Jay Dallis
Student, Brisbane Australia

"Best teacher EVER! An honor to be learning with Rabbi Cohen for the past 4 years"

Michaela Berkowitz
Holistic practitioner, Tel Aviv Israel

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