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Welcome to Live Kabbalah's Level 1: Practitioner Certification Program 

We live in an information age where abundant knowledge is available at our fingertips. While this access is invaluable, it often poses a challenge—how do we learn and progress in a structured, step-by-step manner with the guidance, mentorship, and support needed for true understanding, integration, and embodiment?

An additional challenge faced is that many institutions are teaching Kabbalah in a way that is not true to AUTHENTIC Torah sources and in a way that is not aligned with the Torah's holistic approach to LIVING. 

Live Kabbalah revolutionizes the way that Kabbalah is being taught. It provides the solution for individuals eager to learn AUTHENTIC Kabbalah and integrate it into their lives, allowing them to LIVE as the best versions of themselves.

Our distinctive approach fosters a supportive and exclusive community forum, enabling our students to forge positive connections. We create an environment that encourages growth and collaboration.

Join us on this journey to explore Kabbalah in a way that goes beyond theory—where knowledge becomes a LIVING practice.

Get ready to unlock your true potential and experience personal transformation unlike any other.

Are you ready to embrace the wisdom of Kabbalah and lead your life with purpose? Join Live Kabbalah today! 


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Level 1: Practitioner Certification Program

October 22, 2023- September 2024 


Who is this program for?

The Live Kabbalah certification program is tailored for practitioners, educators, healers, and coaches who want to delve deeply into the ancient teachings of Kabbalah to incorporate its wisdom into their lives and professional practice.
The certification program offers an opportunity to internalize the profound teachings of Kabbalah, enabling teachers, coaches, and practitioners to utilize its illuminating wisdom for holistic healing of the mind, body, and soul in those they serve.


What is the format of our program? 

Our program is an in-depth learning experience and a community forum that fosters personal spiritual transformation. 

  • There are ten modules included in this program. Each module is taught over the course of 3-4 weeks (see syllabus outlined below).
  • Each week, you will receive 1-2 recorded Kabbalah Academy & Master Class videos, PDF notes, and a meditation.
  • BI-Weekly Live classes will be on Sunday evenings at 8:30 P.M. Israel Time.
  • Once a month, an in-depth session on the module will be facilitated by Rabbi Amichai, where you can ask questions, receive guidance and support on all the content taught, and deepen your understanding and integration of the materials. 
  • A monthly Live Community meet-up with Miriam to support your learning and growth, focusing on how to LIVE  and apply the deep concepts taught to your emotional life, relationships, and careers.
  • Receive monthly 45-minute personal meetings with Rabbi Amichai or Miriam, where you will have an opportunity for mentorship, personal support, guidance, and the ability to ask any questions to deepen your personal and professional growth.
  • Access to exclusive monthly live sessions with experts in various fields, supporting the growth of your personal and professional development as a coach or practitioner.
  • A comprehensive quiz after each module.
  • Final project at the end of the program. 


What Is Included?

In addition to the weekly recorded and live classes, you receive access to:

  • The entire Live Kabbalah class library, including all Kabbalah Academy, Master Classes, Meditations, PDF notes, and our private community forum. This library of video, audio, and PDF notes is an invaluable resource in your learning experience and growth. 
  • Our state-of-the-art exclusive community forum (Vibely) allows practitioners and coaches to meet up, engage in thought-provoking discussions, group exercises, journaling prompts, and challenges, interact via chat, and learn with on-demand videos and audio.
  • The community forum allows practitioners and coaches to interact via chat and live video meetups and ask questions, providing accountability for your process and inner growth. The community forum is accessible via desktop or mobile app.


Your Investment

  • You are asked for a 3-4 hour weekly commitment. The enrollment fee for the program is $6,240. There is an option to pay a monthly cost of $520 or pay the full amount at once and get 10% off.

  • There is an application process for practitioners and coaches to be accepted to the program. 

  • Duration: One year. 

Join Rabbi Amichai & Miriam Cohen On Your Journey




Apply For The Practitioner Certification Program


Unit 1: Introduction to Kabbalah

  • Understanding the origins and history of Kabbalah
  • Why study Kabbalah?
  • The Significance of Kabbalistic Teachings in Contemporary Life
  • Overview of Key Kabbalistic Concepts and Terminology
  • Exploring the main branches and schools of Kabbalistic thought
  • The 5 Reasons for Creation 

 Unit 2: The Divine Light and Vessels

  • Understanding the Process of Creation in Kabbalistic Cosmology
  • The three stages of Emunah
  • The Role of Divine Light and Vessels in the creative process
  • The Shattering of the Primordial Vessels
  • Delving into the concept of Tzimtzum (Contraction)
  • The various contractions and their meaning

 Unit 3: The Four Worlds, Angelic Realms and Zodiac

  • Exploring the Four Worlds of Atzilut, Beriah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah
  • The four worlds as are reflected in the connection of our intellect, emotions, speech, and action 
  • The roles, classes and purpose of the Angelic realm 
  • The role of Astrology and the Zodiac in Judaism and in Kabbalah 

 Unit 4: Soul Makeup and Reincarnations

  • The five levels of the soul in Kabbalah and the interplay between the soul and body
  • Reincarnations, incarnations, and past lives- its source in Kabbalistic texts, how it manifests in our lives, and our spiritual work around it. 
  • Nurturing and elevating the soul through spiritual practices such as Torah, Mitzvot, prayer and meditation

Unit 5: The Ten Sefirot 

  • What are the ten Sefirot?
  • The difference between the intellectual and emotional Sefirot
  • A deeper exploration of each Sefirah's attributes, symbolism, and profound inner meaning
  • Practical applications of the Sefirot in daily life
  • The interplay between our subconscious realms and the mind, body, and soul connection according to the paradigm of the Sefirot

Unit 6: The Tree of Life

  • Exploring the symbolism and structure of the Tree of Life & the primordial sin
  • The sensory vs. the spiritual experience
  • The origins of fragmented consciousness in our soul and psyche
  • Inner purpose of challenges and evil
  • The Role of Kelipa and Challenges in the Human Experience
  • Understanding the process of creation in Kabbalistic Cosmology 

Unit 7: Tikkun and the Purpose of Life

  • Exploring interpersonal relationships based on their spiritual roots
  • The power of choice
  • Delving into the concept of Tikkun, rectification, and spiritual evolution
  • Accessing the balance of giving and receiving according to Kabbalah
  • Recognizing our personal Tikkun and tools for personal transformation 


Unit 8: The Power of Hebrew Letters & Divine Names

  • Discovering the mystical significance of Hebrew letters and power of the Hebrew names
  • The role of sound and vibration in Kabbalistic Practices
  • Exploring the significance of Divine Names in Kabbalah
  • Utilizing Divine Names for prayer, spiritual connection and manifestation 

Unit 9: Meditation and Prayer

  • Exploring Kabbalistic prayer, mindfulness practices, and visualization techniques
  • The power of intention/ manifestation and Kavanah  
  • The Ba'al Shem Tov & Chassidut on Prayer
  • Devekut- clinging to the Divine 
  • Tefilla- Prayer in Kabbalah & Jewish practice

Module 10: Live Kabbalah 

  • The importance of studying Kabbalah and Chassidut in our times
  • Generational healing and epigenetics
  • What is healthy communications and conflict resolution  
  • What is Geula- redemption? How do we achieve it on a cosmic and personal level
  • What is higher level consciousness, and how do we manifest potential into our reality?
  • The power of NOW and practical tools to access 
  • What is Bitachon- trust, and how do we incorporate it into our day-to-day lives?
  • Somatic healing and the role of the body and our relationship with physicality as a prelude to redemption





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