The Kabbalistic Guide To The Perplexed

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Rabbi Amichai Cohen M.S

Your Instructor

Hi! I am a rabbi, mentor and a teacher to many individuals of all backgrounds and ages from around the world both online & in person.

I have lectured, taught, and conducted workshop for tens of thousands of students from around the world. 

I hold a rabbinic ordination from the Israel Beit Din and worked as a community Rabbi, as well as have a Masters degree in Special Education which I have used to start a Special Education school and service as Principle and other educational capacities.

The Ten Sefirot, A Microcosm Of The Divine

The Sefirot are the 10 attributes or emanations found in the teachings of Kabbalah, through which the Ein Sof ( the Infinite light of the creator) reveals Itself and continuously recreates both the physical realm and the chain of higher metaphysical realms. The Sefirot are not G‑d, but they are the medium through which specific qualities and attributes can be ascribed to Him. "G‑d made man in His image" -Genesis 1:27. Man is a microcosm of the Sefirot, with the entire spiritual infrastructure reflected in him. Learn more about the Sefirot on this foundational journey, which will give you the building blocks of understanding the universe and your true essence.

The Ten Sefirot Course Package

High Quality Video Content, PDF Notes, Meditations, Speaking Directly To You!


The Ten Sefirot Course

Learn The Foundational Concepts Of Kabbalah & Transform Your Life

What People Are Saying About The Ten Sefirot Package

"The topic of the Sefirot is one of my favorites, and I have never found such a comprehensive and didactic explanation as given by Rabbi Cohen on his Sefirot module. I could apply many of the insights right away to my past and current circumstances, and that is helping me to act more thoughtfully on my challenges ahead. I will definitely watch it again and again, as each time I learn new things."

Adail Muniz
Scientist, Engineer, Professor

"Very refreshing and enlightening. While I am loosely familiar with some of these topics of point, you make understanding and receiving simple. You're heart also inspires me to share and give more. The part that struck clearest for me in a new way was how you explained that it's called the Tree of Life not because of what is seen but because of the unseen Roots - and how that parallels our relationship to ourselves and others. In a lightning flash of insight, I was able to forgive and let go of much unseen animosity I have held towards my wife after 10 years as we proceed through a divorce. Seeing those Roots as those unseen sources of why we have acted in the ways we had takes away that anger I have had in my heart of not understanding the "why's" that split us. The word of truth is always so relevant. I am excited to finishes these courses and join as a full member. Thank you."

Branden Horn

"This course has taken my knowledge of the sefirot to a whole new level! What surprised me the most is how this knowledge has transformed my life. My relationship with my husband and children have deepened and are so much more meaningful than they were in the past. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to make real time changes in all aspects of their lives."

Carol Coleman
Occupational Therapist

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The Ten Sefirot Course


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