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Hi everyone, welcome to Live Kabbalah!
I am a rabbi, a mentor and a teacher. I am super excited and passionate about studying, teaching and living  Kabbalah. I love people and believe that we are living in amazing times where wisdom can be accessed like never before.
Depth has always intrigued me. I believe with every cell in my body that by delving into the mysteries of creation we unlock our own innate beauty and happiness. True personal freedom, healing and love can occur once these secrets are internalized.
Live Kabbalah is an Online School offering quality video and PDF notes. We are dedicated to help individuals live their highest selves.  
It would be my honor to journey with you.
       -Amichai Cohen, founder and director of Live Kabbalah



Quality content and timeless wisdom at your fingertips.

Class Notes

Each video is accompanied by PDF class notes and/or translation. 

Audio and Video

 Each class is professionally recorded in HD audio and video quality.

Optimize and Actualize

Practical and applicable wisdom to optimize yourself.

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Learn more about Tzfat - the home of Live Kabbalah and the center of Kabbalah learning for thousands of years.

"Rabbi Amichai Cohen is an amazing teacher. He is gifted with the ability to connect the mystical to the practical both in his teachings and in life itself"

Mordechai David Naseck
Lecturer, practitioner, and teacher in the Holistic Healing Arts

"Thank you for adding a much needed component in my life, daily spirituality and a connection to an authentic source"

Stacey Dornfeld
Student, L.A, California

"Live Kabbalah provides deeply profound learning, in a simple, easy to understand way. It is like having a personal teacher like to guide through the complex world of Kabbalah. This has made all the difference to me"

Steve Gross
CEO Freedom Telework, Boca Raton Florida

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