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Our online program is divided by two course tracks; Kabbalah Academy and Master Classes.
This is perfect for students of all levels and backgrounds. Find out more about our individualized courses below.

Learn the Basics

Kabbalah Academy focuses on fundamental concepts in Kabbalah as well as contemporary issues in light of Kabbalistic thought. Understanding the core subjects taught in Kabbalah Academy lay the foundations for future study as well as personal growth.
This course is geared for students on all levels. 
Kabbalah Academy is an ever increasing collection of classes.
Examples of classes: Kabbalah 101 series, cosmic creation, 4 worlds, the Sefirot, map of creation, Kabbalah of relationships and intimacy, gender blender, creating abundance, beyond the Zodiac series and more.

Become A Master

Master Classes are an in-depth study of classic and contemporary Kabbalistic texts, some accessible in English for the first time.
Study texts such as the Zohar, Baal Shem Tov, Arizal on the weekly Torah portion, and other classic Kabbalistic and Chassidut texts.
Texts are summarized and distilled so you can learn more in less time. Study texts such as the Zohar, Baal Shem Tov, Arizal on the weekly Torah portion, and other classic Kabbalistic and Chassidut texts.

Watch Sample Classes


Quality content and timeless wisdom at your fingertips.

Class Notes

Each video is accompanied by PDF class notes and/or translation. 

Audio and Video

 Each class is professionally recorded in HD audio and video quality.

Optimize and Actualize

Practical and applicable wisdom to optimize yourself.

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Learn more about Tzfat - the home of Live Kabbalah and the center of Kabbalah learning for thousands of years.

"In Israel I had the joy and blessings to learn with Rabbi Amichai Cohen who in my experience beyond being a wonderful teacher, is a beautiful example of spiritual awareness and disciplined practice with a human heart that cares for people and the earth beyond labels, identities, religions, and such."

Josh Brill
Yoga of guitar

"Thank you for adding a much needed component in my life, daily spirituality and a connection to an authentic source"

Stacey Dornfeld
Student, L.A, California

"Rabbi Amichai Cohen is an amazing teacher. He is gifted with the ability to connect the mystical to the practical both in his teachings and in life itself"

Mordechai David Naseck
Lecturer, practitioner, and teacher in the Holistic Healing Arts

"Live Kabbalah provides deeply profound learning, in a simple, easy to understand way. It is like having a personal teacher like to guide through the complex world of Kabbalah. This has made all the difference to me"

Steve Gross
CEO Freedom Telework, Boca Raton Florida

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