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Beyond the trials and tribulations seen in the world, you are a nuclear force of light & love, strength & fortitude, compassion & creativity.

When we tap into our true infinite powers, we access our inner light

Rabbi Amichai and Miriam Cohen have created Live Kabbalah, a one-of-a-kind platform for learning and applying Kabbalah & Chassidus combined with coaching, mentoring & community support ALL IN ONE. 

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It's not just in the amazing learning, it's in the living.

Watch a portion of Rabbi Amichai's "Languages of Joy" and Miriam's "Own Your Light" Call on Da'at & The Body. 

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The 4 Pillars To Transform Your Life in 2024

Be The Change The World Needs

Learning, coaching, meditation, and community are combined in a single soul space to bring transformation to your life and the world. 


Engage in both live and recorded classes, providing a transformative journey into the profound teachings of Kabbalah and Chassidut.


Spiritual and emotional support for your growth through individual & group coaching. Empowering and practical Tools to own Your light. 


Find the peace within yourself with powerful weekly meditations that help integrate concepts and foster spiritual growth.


Create connections with like-minded individuals worldwide and support each other's journeys through our online community & real-time Revive retreats in Tzfat

Profound Learning & Transformation

An ALL-IN-ONE SOUL SPACE of Profound Learning and Community

A deep understanding of your soul, the secrets of the universe, and the purpose of existence through the teachings of Kabbalah and Chassidus, Jewish Philosophy, History, and Psychology. 

Practical tools, guidance, and support for integrating these concepts into daily life.

Supportive soul space on how to LIVE and apply the deep concepts taught to your emotional life, relationships, and careers.

Explore The Yearly Spiritual Journey

Your Soul Space

  • Live teachings with Rabbi Amichai. Sundays, 8:30 P.M. Israel Time.
  • Own Your Light Coaching with Miriam Cohen. Tuesdays, 8:30 pm, Israel time. 
  • Weekly Meditations and journalling exercises
  • Drip learning with weekly recorded Kabbalah Academy & Master Class videos, PDF notes

  • Entire Live Kabbalah Library with 300+ recorded classes and courses

  • Exclusive Soul Space online community 

  • Available on desktop, mobile, and App
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Explore Our Year Long Spiritual Journey ✨

Unit 1: Unveiling the Arsenal of a Light Warrior

  •  Understanding Emunah: Delving into the Unity of G-d and Divine Providence in our life (Hashgacha Pratis)
  •  What is True Joy? How Do We Align To The Open-Hearted Frequency of Love?
  •  Constant Recreation: Exploring Ain Od Milvado and Reasons for Creation
  •  Embracing our Dual Nature: Becoming a Giver and a Receiver

Unit 2: The Spiritual Roots of Light and Darkness

  •  Pre-Creation Chronicles: Navigating the World of Tohu and the Shattering of Vessels
  •  Tzimtzum: Condensing Light and the Rise of the Feminine in Creation
  •  The Four Worlds: Mapping 4 Levels of Consciousness, Kelipa and Free Choice

Unit 3: The Journey to Becoming a Light Warrior

  •  Unveiling the Soul: The 5 Levels of Soul and the Dynamics of Animal vs. Divine Soul
  •  Transcending Ego Consciousness: Elevating the Translucent Shell Kelipat Nogah
  • The Power of Choice and Meaning
  •  Body as Vessel: Understanding the Soul's Dwelling in the Physical Form

Unit 4: Charting the Course to Our True Light and Authentic Selves

  •  Decoding the Sefirot: Exploring the Ten Sefirot Intellectually and Emotionally
  •  Inner Workings of the Mind, Body, and Soul: The Practical Applications of Sefirot in Daily Life
  •  The Sefirot Paradigm: Understanding the Interplay Between Subconscious Realms and Conscious Experience

Unit 5: Unraveling the Purpose in Darkness and Challenges

  •  Tree of Life Exploration: Symbolism, Structure, and the Primordial Sin
  •  From Sensory to Spiritual: Understanding Fragmented Consciousness and Inner Purpose
  •  Kelipa and Challenges: Role in the Human Experience and Insights from Kabbalistic Cosmology

Unit 6: Shielding Against the World's Darkness

  •  Essence Revealed: Torah, Tabernacle, and Temple in our Soul, Body, and Psyche
  •  Receiving the Torah: Unveiling its Meaning and the Significance of Mitzvot
  •  The Power of Prayer and the Elevation of the Physical

Unit 7: Illuminating Our Unique Light and Life Mission

  •  Tikkun and Life's Purpose: Spiritual Roots of Interpersonal Relationships and Career Choices
  •  Power of Choice: Delving into Tikkun, Rectification, and Personal Transformation Tools
  •  Finding Balance: Giving and Receiving According to Kabbalah


Unit 8: Letters of Light: Mysteries of Hebrew Letters, Divine Names, and Prophecy

  •  Unveiling Mystical Significance: Hebrew Letters and the Power of Divine Names
  •  Harnessing Divine Names: Prayer, Spiritual Connection, and Manifestation
  •  Prophecy and Divine Inspiration: Understanding and Utilizing Our Gifts

Unit 9: Accessing Strength as a Light Warrior: Prayer, Meditation, and Chanting

  •  Kabbalistic Practices: Prayer, Mindfulness, and Visualization Techniques
  •  The Melody of Music: Harnessing the Power of Song, Chanting and Niggunim in Spiritual Practices
  •  Sound and Vibration: Exploring Their Role in Kabbalistic Practices and Manifestation

Unit 10: Be The Light

  •  Bitachon: Incorporating Trust into Daily Lives
  •  Inner Torah: Vital Importance of Studying and Integrating These Teachings In Our Lives
  •  Healing and Transforming Personal and Generational Trauma
  •  Geula: Redemption on Cosmic and Personal Levels and Attaining Higher Consciousness
  •  The Power of NOW: Practical Tools for Presence and Focus in Your Mission

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Monthly Enrollment
Yearly Enrollment: Get 2 Months Free