Tammuz- The Month Of Contradictions & Possibilities

beyond the zodiac Jun 10, 2021

The Month of Tammuz

The Summer Sun- The summer refers to a time of excessive revelation of G-dliness and the revelation of YKVK. 

More sun means more of an aptitude to connect to spirituality in the summer 

״כי שמש ומגן יהוה אלוקים״

 Sun= name of G-d (YKVK)

Magen/ ozone layer= Elokim 


YKVK connotes revelation while Elokim  holds the intensity of the YKVK because with the intensity we couldn’t survive the intense spiritual revelation and so G-d created nature (Numerology of Elokim).


During the summer there is more of a revelation of YKVK and less of Elokim and the opposite in the winter- there is more withholding and less revelation of G-dliness and that is why its cold. 

Hot regions on the globe there is more of a revelation of YKVK.

The Maimonides lived in hot regions (Morocco, Spain, Egypt). He would argue with his fellow Kabbalist who lived in winter that they couldnt get it bc of the cold.


Contradiction in the...

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What was Korach Thinking? Parsha Insights

parsha sefirot Jun 10, 2021

Parsha Korach- A class from the Bat Midrash -6/7/21

One thing that I learned early on in school is not to pick a fight with someone bigger than me. Yet, Korach did just that, picking a fight with Moshe and Aharon.

Korach who was one of the 4 bearers of the Ark of covenant and one of the wealthiest men of the Israelites argues that he and everyone on the community is equal, there by negative the authority of Moshe. 

What was his reason for this? Kabbalah and Chassidut explain the Korach saw the potential of Gevurah and the material world being ultimately more superior to the side of Chesed and spiritual.  Korach foresaw that redemption is associated with he elevation of the lower world. Yet he went too far and did not have the humility of acceptance of the authority of Moshe and G-d and the subservience of the "left to the right side", Levites to Kohanim.

Listen to this deep class for the full explanation

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Netzach Junkies

sefirot May 30, 2021
By Rabbi Amichai Cohen
There are inspiration junkies and Netzach junkies. We all know about inspiration junkies. It’s those ppl who are constantly buying the next self-help book, addicted to inspiration, without doing the actual inner work. 
What are Netzach junkies? 
They are people who are addicted to the rigorous life of hard work. Although hard work is anything but negative, the manner of hard work can be. 
When life is just about pushing forward and work, work, work, there is a lack of the spark of which life is made up. Joy and feelings of achievement are looked at as secondary to the actual technical aspects  
There is such a deep value in Netzach that it causes the person to place it as the prime focus. 
The reason for this is because it comes from such a deep place with the human psyche- Keter. In a similar vein, we don’t yearn for Moshiach enough because we know that there is a value in the struggle of Golus- exile. Yet the...
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From The Desert of Sinai To Zion

holidays May 16, 2021

From The Desert of Sinai To Zion

By Rabbi Amichai Cohen 

Getting on the Zion train is something that the Jewish people have been trying to do for over 5,000 years. Sometimes we are on it and for a prolonged time in our history have been waiting for the train and at times missing it.

Our patriarch Abraham was the first to travel towards an unknown destination, eventually naming the city of Jerusalem, G-d will see, or complete awe.

The actual traveling occurred in the Desert, where the 12 tribes, the descendants of Abraham, called the Children of Israel after the third patriarch Jacob encamped in the Desert after coming out of Egypt and about to enter the land of Israel.

The Torah elaborates about the encampment of the tribes of Israel, “each tribe with the flag of his tribal household”. The Midrash says that 22,000 angels were envious of the positioning of each tribe and their flags. The question asked is, what is the deal with flags, and why were they jealous? After...

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Recording of Sivan / Gemini Women's Circle

women's circle May 14, 2021

When the Jewish people stood and Mt. Sinai to receive the Torah they were "like one man with one heart". Hashem is One, He is one with His Torah, and so in order to receive the Torah we have to connect in unity.  

The darkness in the world and the situation in the land of Israel is disheartening. Only through uniting and connecting to His oneness, can we add more light, goodness and healing to the world. 

Here is the recording of the Women's Circle for the month of Sivan, which we dedicated to peace and safety in the land of Israel. 

May we see the ultimate healing and unity of the entire world immediately. 

Shabbat Shalom and blessings for a beautiful new month!


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The Florist Magic Touch

student blog ten sefirot May 02, 2021

By Monique Saier 

My 89-year-old neighbor recently reminded me of this anecdote when she mentioned a cute little florist shop that used to be on our street while waiting for her daughter to pick her up. That shop was so convenient for picking up flowers for any occasion imaginable. How she wished that the shop was still there. Now she must go all the way into town to get some flowers.

Previously, it was nearly impossible to walk past that florist shop without returning to wherever you came from with flowers; especially with those pretty colorful tulips flirting with you at the entrance at the start of Spring. The florist's enthusiasm and love for flowers were almost dangerously contagious. Every bouquet radiated love and kindness.

One day, as I was browsing through the card stand, another customer rushed in, pushed past me, and shouted over to the florist: "Hi! Is my bouquet finished yet? The one with the apricot roses?"

"I'll be with you in a minute," the florist replied...

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NETZACH means fortitude. What defines true netzach? Listen to Miriam's great insight into the week of Netzach.

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The Month Of Iyar - Taurus

Uncategorized Apr 14, 2021

The acronym for the month of Iyar is " Ani Hashem Rofecha"- "I am Hashem the Healer". Inherent in this month is a special power to bring healing to ourselves and the world.

This month is unique in that every day we have a special Mitzvah (commandment) to count the Sefirot Haomer.

Each day we refine a different one of the Sefirot, the emotional attributes of our soul. This process of self-refinement brings emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.

According to the Sefer Yetzira, the sense of the month is thought. Positive thinking is the key to accessing higher levels of faith and is super intertwined with our emotional and physical health.

Blessings for a beautiful healing and redemptive month for everyone and for the entire world!

Love, Miriam

Join the next New Moon Women's Circle with Miriam by registering here

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Women's Circle- The Month of Nissan Aries

beyond the zodiac Mar 17, 2021

The month of Nissan- Aries is called " the first month of the year" (Exodus 12,2). The name Nissan comes from the root word NES- a miracle. The reason being is that this month reveals the supernatural and miraculous aspect of existence. 

This past month we experienced firsthand Hashems miracles with a medical challenge that we went through with our daughter, Chaya Sara Bracha bat Miriam Shifra. There was so much learned from this experience of being enveloped in the kindness of Hashem that knows no bounds. 

In our Women's Circle, we will delve into how to manifest miracles in our lives by removing our self-imposed resistance to accepting the goodness and miracles which Hashem has in store for us.

"In the merit of righteous women we were redeemed from Egypt and in the merit of righteous women we will be redeemed in the future". 

We will delve into the feminine potential of the month which is the recurrent theme in all the elements of the month, and how we can use the...

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New Moon Women's Circle Month of Adar - Pisces


This special women's circle was in the merit of the complete healing of our precious 2-year-old, Sara Bracha bat Miriam Shifra. She was badly burned and was in the ICU. Please join us in prayers and to learn Torah together in the merit of her complete recovery!!

The month of Adar/Pisces is known as one of the most auspicious on the Jewish calendar. The Talmud says that when we enter into the month of Adar, we are supposed to increase in joy each and every day.  Kabbalah and Chassidus teach us the secrets to true inner joy, even when our outer experiences and circumstances make it seem totally unattainable. 

In this soul gathering, we focus on what true happiness is and how to live with happiness- Simcha!

In our special Live Kabbalah New Moon Women's Circle, we explore the depth, energy, and potential of this incredible month which has the holiday of Purim in it. Are you ready for possible unexpected blessed turnarounds in your life? I am!

Let's harness this power and...

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