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Module 1: The importance of prayer and why it needs to be part of our daily routine.
Module 2: The History and sources for prayer in textual sources.
Module 3: Mindfulness- Kavana. In this class we delve into the required preparations for achieving proper intention.
Module 4: Chassidic philosophy - prayer is the main modality of cultivating our relationship with G-d, transforming our base desires for a higher purpose and instilling presence into our daily lives. In this class we will delve into concepts such D'vekut- clinging, Hitbonenut- meditative contemplation, Hitbodedut- seclusion and more.
Module 5: Kabbalah on prayer. In this module we explore concepts such as Yichudim- unifications, Kavanot- specific Divine intentions and more.

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"I am enjoying learning the lessons. It has helped me to improve and put pieces together of thoughts I had since childhood"

Lynn Bass
Maryland, U.S

"Rabbi Amichai, I Love You! Your ability to put together and bring down these lessons amazes me! Thank you for all of your labors; may they continue to bring forth much increase and abundant blessing!!"

James Dodd
Texas, U.S

"Tthank you, Rabbi Cohen. What a wonderful presentation of this fundamental aspect of spirituality. Along with other things, I was intrigued by the notion of prayer as 'changing reality' - also as 'defying a person's nature'. blessings. JF"

Joseph Fleischman
London, England

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Learn The Essence Of Prayer!

A Comprehensive Course Which Delves Into The Theoretical & The Practical Aspects Of Prayer


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