The Secret Of Redemption

An in- depth 5 part series of recorded and live lessons which will delve into the depth of the amazing time of redemption that we are living in and how it applies to YOUR life!


Inspirational & Transformative

Awaken YOURSELF to a new and heightened consciousness!

Open up YOUR eyes to the amazing times that we are in!

Bring personal redemption to YOUR life!

Recorded & Live Classes

5 HD recorded classes + PDF notes.

Live Streamed Webinar where you will be able to ask your questions and be a part of a larger community of like minded individuals.

An In-depth Journey

Delve into the purpose of the creation of the world from authentic Torah sources. Spanning the Talmud, Midrash, Chassidut & Kabbalah texts. 

* Bonus Master Class on redemption from the Chesed L' Avraham.

"The Secret of Redemption course is a combination of valuable information and practical tools to live your life in peace"

Rachel G.
Thornhill, Ontario

"Wow!! i feel so empowered as a women and so inspired in my role!! Thank you for sharing this wisdom with me"

Sheryl L.
Indianapolis, Indiana

"Thank you for allowing me to make sense of this turbulent and incredible times that we are living in. This course shed new light on how i can access personal redemption and i feel like a changed person!!"

Marc G.
London, U.K

The Secret Of Redemption

Unlock the mysteries of redemption from authentic sources & begin to live a life of inner peace and personal redemption! Price Is $279

Module 1: Open up YOUR eyes!

Delve into the concept of redemption as something which is not abstract from the world, rather built into to the very fabric of creation. Redemption is a matter of our consciousness and awareness. Living with the proper outlook and state of mind makes all the difference.  Our perception can be either one of despair, confusion, and frustration or a redemptive consciousness of inner peace, healing, and tranquility. 



Module 2: Journey from Exile to Redemption

In this class we delve into the roots of exile and redemption. Egypt is the quintessential exile and the final redemption is the ultimate exodus. The lack of consciousness is the lack of Da'at the seat of our mind's awareness. Redemption is the manifestation of the roots of redemption in the world and within our lives.

Module 3: Miriam: the Mother of Redemption

We are living a feminine era. Kabbalah teaches that the masculine features are "above to below", while the feminine aspect corresponds to "below to above". The era of redemption is the revelation that the mundane holds sacred grounds and that every thing in creation is interconnected. The Zohar says that just as the redemption from Egypt was heralded in through the women (inspired by Miriam the prophetess), the future redemption will be as well.  This class, taught by Miriam Cohen is a look into the feminine era.

Module 4: Moshiach Unpacked

The Redemption will herald a new way consciousness in the world. In this class we unpack the concept of Moshiach and viewpoints on the credentials of of perspective Moshiach. What the world will look like during that time, and delves into the deep Kabbalastic teachings on the essence of this era.  

The Secret Of Redemption Course


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