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Delve into the building blocks of the creation called the Sefirot. Understand each Sefira in-depth and relate to its power in your daily life. 

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Beyond The Zodiac

You may not know it but Judaism and Kabbalah have A LOT to say about Astrology. 

While we are not limited to the constellations, there is inherent energy found within each of the months. 

Each one of the 12 months is unique and significant in its impact. A person who is born in Nissan- Aries has a completely different intellectual and emotional makeup from someone who is born who is in Tishrei- Libra.  

By knowing about the months we are able to position and thereby harness the most productive results and blessings of each month. The Kabbalists taught that by knowing about the months we can transcend the months and go beyond the Zodiac in our connection to the Divine and elicit material and spiritual blessings within our lives. 

The Sefer Yetzirah one of the foremost books of Kabbalah unlocks many of the mysteries of the months and teaches us how to unlock our greatest potential.

The Arizal stresses the importance of meditating on the Divine permutation of the Rosh Chodesh - the new moon prayer.

Chassidic masters such as the Bnei Yisaschar explore the uniqueness of each month and how to harness its Divine energy. 

In this course, you will receive Torah sourced learning about the 12 months. 

Learn about the unique potential and untapped energy which is waiting for you to harness. Make real changes in your life and be better prepared before making life decisions. 


Included in this course: 

  • 12 In-depth Video Classes for each month 

  • PDF handouts

  • Lifetime access

  • HD video and audio

  • A unique learning portal and digital experience 

  • Ask questions and comment 


In this course you will learn about:

  • The Divine permutation

  • The tribe of the month

  • Astrological meaning 

  • The sense of the month

  • The body part of the month

  • Bonus: Beyond The Zodiac- In-depth 

  • Bonus 2: Upcoming class added to your "Intro To Kabbalistic Astrology, The Constellations in Judasiam" Plus any new additional classes as supplements to this course.