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Each webinar is based on the theme of the week based on the month, weekly (Parsha) Torah reading and current event. You will gain inspirational, practical and life-changing skills that will help you live your highest self.

  • Source based and rich content taken from authentic Kabbalistic and Chassidic texts
  • Ask questions and add comments 
  • Taught live from Ascent of Safed from the Mystical city Tzfat the birthplace of Kabbalah



Amichai Cohen

Rabbi Amichai Cohen is a teacher, and spiritual mentor living in Tzfat, Israel. He is the founder & director of as well as a senior lecturer in Ascent of Safed. 
Rabbi Amichai was born in Jersusalem Israel, and grew up in the U.S in the modern Orthodox community of Woodmere, N.Y. He served as an ordained rabbi in Boca Raton Florida and holds a Masters degree in Special Education from Touro College. 
Amichai’s ancestry is Moroccan from his father’s side (direct descendant of Rabbi Avraham Azulai and Rabbi David Cohen Skali) and German from his mother’s side (descendant of Rabbi David Ganz). 
Rabbi Amichai has taught and facilitated lectures and workshops to thousands of students from all over the world including hundreds of Taglit/Birthright groups about topics of Jewish spirituality and wisdom.
His interests are learning and teaching Torah, Kabbalah & Chassidut, Meditation, Wine Making,  Philosophy, Positive- Psychology, Science, History Entrepreneurialism, Political Science and Education.
Amichai's hobbies are spending quality time with his wife and children, swimming, hiking, listening to music, martial arts, bicycle riding and art & culture. 
These many facets merge to make Amichai’s personality and insights engaging, relevant and valuable to a wide range of audiences, inspiring both spiritual and practical inner growth. 

"I have been studying with Rabbi Cohen every Thursday night for the last 10 years! Live Kabbalah is awesome! It provides deeply profound learning, in a simple, easy to understand way. "

Steve Gross
Freedom Telework

"If you've ever wondered about Jewish mysticism and wasn't sure what's fluff and what's real.. this is a great place to start learning. Taught by a great Rabbi, Amichai Cohen in Tsfat, with down to earth approach and mind blowing yet practical topics."

Shirley Sak

"Ever wonder how to build confidence, optimize happiness, improve relationships, and establish healthy habits from the comfort of your own home? Amichai Cohen's Live Kabbalah is "an online school... dedicated to help you live your highest self" taught by a fantastic educator. For curious minds from all backgrounds!"

Helen Berman

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