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The journey of Live Kabbalah is a testament to divine orchestration. It all began in 2014 when Rabbi Amichai initiated live classes at Ascent of Safed, sharing wisdom that soon found its place online. Amidst uncertainties, a benevolent Swedish benefactor emerged, elevating Live Kabbalah with a generous gift.

In recognizing this as a sign of providence, we seized the opportunity earnestly. The initial support allowed us to craft content rich in wisdom yet undiluted. We laid a sturdy foundation, acquired essential tools, and etched a clear mission.

Our classes ignited a hunger for deeper understanding, prompting expansion. Over two years, Live Kabbalah flourished from a few recorded classes to over 200 Kabbalah Academy and Master Classes. What began as a few students emerged into a global school and community. 

New courses and personalized learning tracks flourished, empowering individual growth journeys. In 2019, semester learning launched, featuring additional live weekly classes,  guest instructors, meditations, journaling, and a close-knit community. The dissemination of profound spiritual truths aligned with our commitment to student progress.

Aligned with our mission to LIVE Kabbalah, Miriam is an instrumental force in taking the teachings of Kabbalah and applying them to real life. She offers monthly Women Circles that unite women and foster spiritual and emotional growth and connection. Miriam developed a coaching program offered by Live Kabbalah called "Own Your Light," comprised of 12 tools based on the Sefirot as they apply to our emotional lives and how they impact our joy, career, and relationships.  

In May 2023, we had our first Revive Retreat to Tzfat and the Upper Galilee, a five-day transformative experience. This expanded our vision from an online community to a real-time cohesive bonding experience. We are looking forward to our next Mens Breakthrough Retreat coming this fall. 

As a school and community dedicated to spreading these teachings to the masses, we recognized the need for a sequentially taught Kabbalah curriculum to take its students from level to level. There is so much learning out there, but there is a lack of support, mentorship, and guidance as to how to LIVE with these teachings in a wholesome and integrated way. This vision was what birthed the Intro to Kabbalah program that will be commencing October 2023.

Having been approached by individuals who recognized the value of the unique teaching style of LIve Kabbalah and wanted guidance on how they can integrate these teachings into their professional careers as teachers, practitioners, and coaches, we are now offering a Practioner Certification Program commencing October 2023. This will allow teachers to learn the information and the skills to teach Kabbalah authentically and practically. This will enable practitioners and coaches to incorporate the wisdom of Kabbalah in their professional practices for holistic mind, body, and soul healing. 

We look forward to having you in our Live Kabbalah school and community!

Meet Rabbi Amichai & Miriam 

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Rabbi Amichai Cohen

Rabbi Amichai Cohen is the visionary force behind Live Kabbalah Online School, serving as its Founder and Director. With a Master's degree in Special Education and a wealth of experience spanning roles as an educator, principal, and school founder, Rabbi Cohen's life journey is a testament to his unyielding pursuit of knowledge and personal growth.

Renowned for his captivating oratory, Rabbi Cohen is a highly sought-after speaker whose wisdom resonates across diverse global audiences. His ability to elucidate profound concepts with clarity and resonance makes his teachings accessible and impactful, catering to both newcomers and seasoned learners alike. Through his guidance, countless students worldwide have embarked on transformative journeys, receiving his insights and teachings both in physical gatherings and through virtual channels.

One of Rabbi Cohen's passions lies in crafting inspirational workshops for groups and visitors within the spiritually significant city of Tzfat. Guiding individuals along their spiritual paths and facilitating profound, life-altering experiences fills Rabbi Cohen with boundless joy. Furthermore, he has had the privilege of sharing his enlightening perspectives and teachings with esteemed Yeshiva and Seminary institutions, further solidifying his role as a revered thought leader.

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Miriam Cohen

As a Co-Founder of Live Kabbalah, she takes immense joy in sharing her journey. A devoted student and teacher of Chassidus, her path is woven with deep spiritual insight. Beyond her roles as a wife and mother of 10, she has embraced the mantle of a life coach and mentor, aiming to harmonize life's ebbs and flows.

Among her greatest pleasures is bridging profound spiritual concepts with practical teachings in her well-received courses and her coaching program. Her mission is to make these transformative ideas reachable and relevant in people's everyday lives.

Drawing from a wellspring of life wisdom, personal encounters, and intuitive guidance, she's steadfast in helping others connect with their higher selves. She intends to foster healing, fulfillment, and love in the lives she touches.

With a master's degree in occupational therapy, she has dedicated years to enhancing the lives of children and adults. Yet, her true devotion lies in guiding individuals to reconnect with their innate Divine essence, seamlessly weaving it into their daily existence.

Her presence in your journey is an honor she cherishes, and she eagerly anticipates the sharing of transformative knowledge and practices at Live Kabbalah.

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