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From a few live online classes, Live Kabbalah grew to an online school... 

 Live Kabbalah's story is an incredible story of divine providence. In 2014 Rabbi Amichai gave live classes in Ascent of Safed. A website was created and the classes were uploaded. Not sure whether to continue with the spiritual venture, an unknown businessman from Sweden decided that he would like to take Live Kabbalah to the next level with a generous gift. 

Seeing Divine providence at work, we took matters more seriously. The initial generous gift gave us the time to think about and create content that is rich yet understandable, distilled yet not watered down.  A serious platform was created, equipment was purchased and most importantly a mission was forged. 

Live Kabbalah began to see students impacted by classes and thirst for more. Through the Live Thursday night spiritual Tune-Up class and the professionally recorded content on the portal, Live Kabbalah slowly developed into a wellspring of transformational knowledge. 

New courses were developed and students had the option of learning on an individualized track which they choose.

In 2020, Live Kabbalah switched geares to create semester learning. With 5 life-changing semesters which included guest teachers, journaling, meditations, community chat, and more. We figured out the recipe for online success in disseminating deep spiritual truths while gauging our student's growth. 

 Seeing how powerful the live-class components were not just for teaching but for peer connection, our global community became a renewed focus.

Live kabbalah has since grown to host a community of spiritually seeking individuals who are looking to broaden their horizons, optimize their lives and connect to others.

Seeing the power in spiritually growing students to deeply delve into profound yet applicable wisdom to improve their lives. 

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It is a pleasure to have you on Live Kabbalah & we look forward to meeting you on our classes & courses!


Rabbi Amichai Cohen

Founder & Director
Born in Jerusalem Israel, Rabbi Cohen grew up in the U.S. and holds a Masters's degree in Special Education,
where he has years of experience in the field as a teacher and principal and founder of a school. 
Rabbi Cohen has taught thousands of students from around the world both online in-person, facilitated inspirational workshops for Taglit/Birthright groups and visitors to Tzfat as well as teaching in various Yeshiva and Seminary institutions. 
Rabbi Cohen enjoys hiking, traveling, swimming, and winemaking (Earth & Air Wines).
He is married to Miriam, together blessed with 10 beautiful children, making Tzfat, Israel their home since 2012. 

Miriam Cohen

Co-Founder/Teacher, Life & Relationship Coach

As a wife, mother of 10, a student and teacher of Chassidus, a life coach, and a mentor, Miriam has learned how to balance the many ups and downs of life.

In her popular courses, Miriam is able to integrate deep concepts in a way that is practical and relevant in people's lives.

Through Miriam's life wisdom, experience, and intuition she is able to help others connect and live from their higher selves and bring healing, fulfillment, and love to their lives.

Miriam has a master's degree in occupational therapy where she worked professionally for many years helping children and adults live a better life.

Her greatest passion is teaching and helping others connect and integrate their true Divine essence into their everyday lives.

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