Kabbalah & Me


Kabbalah & Me is an integral part of Live Kabbalah Online School. Our video classes are bite sized, deep and applicable wisdom that brings down the timeless, yet often abstract concepts to who? You guessed it you! It's all about applying, integrating and living with our life with highest purpose. 

Timeless & Applicable Wisdom-Watch Now

The Breath Of Life

Kabbalah & Me #17
The Zohar says that the right nostril is connected to a direct life force revelation, while the left nostril connects us with the returning light revelation. Learn about the power of breath.



Overcoming Challenges

What is the inner purpose of challenges?, how do they make us stronger?The timeless wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us that the word root word of challenge (Nes) is also the root word of miracle (Nes). Find out more in this Kabbalah & Me class.


Explore and reveal your highest self, look at life like never before.