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Kabbalah Academy

Learn the basics:  Understand core concepts and fundamental ideas taught in Kabbalah and how it applies to our day to day life.
Intro to core concept: Classes include: Intro to Kabbalah, The Sefirot, the Four Worlds, the Yearly Cycle, Beyond the Zodiac and much more.
Optimal living Classes: Conquering procrastination, Habits , kabbalah of intimacy and relationships, conquering depression, mindful eating, goal setting, optimal business, will power, confidence building (with many coming soon) and much more.

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 The 4 Worlds

While science maintains that our universe is extremely vast (check out the latest Hubbell telescope pics..) Kabbalah tells us that the world is much vaster. There are 4 spiritual universes which surround each other. By realizing that there are different realities co-existing we expand our consciousness and scope of vision.


Conquering Perfectionism 

The notion that we are not perfect may seem obvious, but the need to "get everything just right" is something that stops us from reaching our true potential.

Learn practical tools to live your optimal self.


Explore and reveal your highest self, look at life like never before.

Quality PDF Notes 

Each class is accompanied with PDF notes which include:

  • Historical background
  • Practical applications
  • Meditations 
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