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In-depth study of classic and contemporary Kabbalistic texts, some accessible in English for the first time.

Study some of the greatest ancient wisdom of all time.
Unlock some of the most well kept secrets in the universe, expand your knowledge and unleash your infinite soul potential

Zohar, AriZal, Tikunei Zohar, Keter Shem Tov, Chassidic discourses, Tomer Devorah, Intro to Eitz Chaim and more.

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The Zohar-Pinchas

In this portion from Parshat Pinchas, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai details the make up of Pinchas the grandson of Aharon.  In this class we will learn about some basics of reincarnation as well as elaborate about the complex soul make up of Pinchas based on the AriZal.


Likutei Torah- Alter Rebbe

"The Mighty waters of Noah" is one of the "classic" discourses of the Alter Rebbe, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi. This discourse details how the challenges of livelihood can be utilized as a springboard for attaining inner growth. It also expresses the novelty concept of the  Ba'al Shem Tov that the business man's prayer can reach the greatest loftiest heights.


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