Discover Tzfat

A Documentary Exploration Into The Hidden World Of The  Mystical City Of Kabbalah 

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Exclusive Tour of Tzfat

Join Rabbi Amichai Cohen for an immersive experience of discovering the ancient city of Tzfat.
Discover the hidden alleyways which enchanted beauty and hidden secrets.

Produced & Directed by Rabbi Amichai Cohen, Film by Noam Dahan, edited by Avidan Loquan 

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Explore the mystical city of Tzfat!


Discover The Beautiful and Enchanted City Of Tzfat

History. Mysticism. Art. Imagination. Future


In-depth experiential dive into History, Archeology, Art, and Kabbalah 

One Hour Trip Abroad

Tour 13 locations and timeless lessons. Learn about Tzfat like never before

HD Film & Audio  

Feel as if you are there and in person. Experience breathtaking views of the city perched in the sky

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An hour-long journey into the heart of the mystical city of Tzfat


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Life-Time Access To A Tour of A City Which Has Inspired & Changed The World.
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Visiting Tzfat?

Book an in-person tour with Rabbi Amichai

Come along for a two-hour adventure with Rabbi Amichai, as you will discover the hidden world of Tzfat.

Explore the historical, archeological, artistic, and Kabbalistic elements of Tzfat and be inspired, amazed, and empowered like never before! 

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Perched In The Sky- The Blue City

Rabbi Amichai Cohen is a renowned teacher and expert on Tzfat and Kabbalah. He has been interviewed and featured in many news outlets and publications such as i24 News, Arutz Sheva, Huffington Post, and more. Check out one of the i24 News interview below


Majestic Sunsets & Spiritual Awakenings

Enter a world of mystery, creativity, and wonder. Explore Tzfat!


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