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The events unfolding in Israel and around the world are challenging and uncertain. We find ourselves in a world marked by difficulties and darkness, but we know that in the depths of adversity, we must use it as an opportunity to bring light and hope to the world through the teachings of Torah and Chassidut. It is with this spirit that we are proud to announce that Live Kabbalah has attained 501(c)3 nonprofit status and will be undergoing a transformation to expand.

Our transformation will include a plan to collaborate with more spiritual creators in the Holy Land such as Rabbi Eliyahu Pereira from Two Chassids in a Pod, Rabbi Yehezkel Yosef Abulafia from Abulafia Meditation, Gabriel Israel from Thank You HaShem, Rabbi Eliyahu Beda among others. These efforts will further promote our teachings on social media and make the light of Torah more accessible to all.

As we move forward with our mission to spread light and be a force for good in these trying times, we know we cannot do it alone. We need your help to promote our vision and spread light to every corner of the world, and we humbly ask for your support. Your donations will help us collaborate with new teachers and creators, increase our social media presence, expand our administrative capabilities and more. The funds are crucial for our mission to spread light. Please consider donating to our campaign.

LIVE KABBALAH SCHOOL is a Registered 501(c)(3). EIN: 81-2871396.

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"Live Kabbalah has been a blessing from Hashem for me. I had been searching high and low and by pure accident came across live Kabbalah and I have not looked back, there are many so called teachers but all I can say is live Kabbalah is the real deal."

Jay Dallis
Brisbane, Australia 

"Live Kabbalah has really transformed my life! I had little knowledge about Kabbalah and Judaism. Thanks to the amazing classes, notes and correspondence I have taken my Jewish identity and spirituality to the next level. I look forward to more amazing things in the future!."

Sara Jacobs
Los Angeles, California

"I needed deeper spiritual studies. Live Kabbalah, has really taken me to new levels spiritually. I feel close to the teacher & see him as my rabbi & mentor. Live Kabbalah has literally changed my life. I listen to them almost daily. I journal all of the classes and study them & apply them. The teacher is fantastic! I highly recommend these courses if you want to take your spiritual life to the next level! "

Jason Hotchkiss
Corry, Pennsylvania

"Live Kabbalah has been a game changer for me! It is the first time that I ever found Judaism relevant to me in my life."

Brett Yager
London, U.K

"Rabbi Cohen has a great way of presenting, engaging, inspirational and fun!"

Rachel Ben Shushan
Brooklyn, N.Y

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