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Live Kabbalah Student

- Over 200 Kabbalah Academy, Master Classes, Kabbalah & Me and Recorded Webinars.

- Access to PDF notes with assessments and meditations coming soon.

12 new classes added each month.

Correspondence with teachers.

- All new Course Packages included

- Monthly Live Webinar Class





Live Kabbalah Student/Partner

- Over 200 Kabbalah Academy, Master Classes, Kabbalah & Me and Recorded Webinars.

- Access to PDF notes with assessments and meditations coming soon.

12 new classes added each month.

Correspondence with teachers.

- All new Course Packages included

- Monthly Live Webinar Class


Are you a searching, thinking and growing individual?

If so, Live Kabbalah is for you! Our content speaks to your searching soul in an authentic and and relatable way. Our classes provide you the student and the soul access to the mystical, philosophical and life changing of Kabbalah & Chassidut in an undiluted way right from the source!

200+ Recorded Lessons

Professional HD Video & Audio quality. At least 12 new classes of deep and relatable content added each month!

Collection Of PDF Notes

Each class is accompanied with in-depth notes of the class as well as additional points of interest. Assessments and Meditations on each class coming soon..

Interactive Webinars

Join in live, interact on our weekly live class from Ascent of Safed and a once a month exclusive webinar for members only. Ask questions. Access recorded library of classes on a variety of practical and interesting topics

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See What Our Students Have To Say about Live Kabbalah!

"After searching for an authentic and trustworthy Kabbalah environment for years, I finally found LiveKabbalah"

Adail Munitz
San Paulo, Brasil

"LiveKabbalah is a breath of fresh air in a fast-paced, overwhelming, decision-oriented society and culture."

Brian Polonsky
Los Angeles, California

"LiveKabbalah has taken me to new levels spiritually. It has changed my life. I listen to classes almost daily. I journal all of them, study them and apply them."

Jason Hotchkiss
Cory, Pennsylvania

"I came across LiveKabbalah during a low point at which I had to check myself into the VA hospital for treatment. I found that the mystics of Judaism discovered certain truths I was yearning for, even practical truths that could transform me and facilitate me becoming a benefit to others. There was a transformation. The peace of mind and tranquility of heart I asked for in prayer became my reality. I dug into the LiveKabbalah lectures further and learned that one must serve the Lord with joy; in fact, one should perform the necessary acts of the mundane with joy. So I began to put this into practice. The doctors and counselors at the VA hospital are amazed. I‘ve rekindled broken relationships with family members, and the better part of me speaks more loudly."

New Mexico

"Live Kabbalah is conclusively the best learning site for Kabbalah and content out there! "

Dejan Milic
Stockholm, Sweden

"Authentic, deep and transformative! Live Kabbalah has undoubtedly changed my life. If you are a growing and thinking individual, this is for you!"

Emily Glazer
Santa Monica, California

"I just watched the first 2 modules of the Redemption course. Loving it!  It made me think of the last 9ish years and what I went through. It seemed like my own personal exile. I do feel like the weight has lifted and I feel free of whatever was keeping me in that cycle. I finally have an apartment of my own, money coming in, and I finally after 3 years of not having one, I just bought a car. Which around here with the insane weather, is needed! Nebraska is kinda brutal with the elements. I was driving it the other day listening to music and I just started crying. I felt like it was a symbol of coming back, of freedom and independence. I had to go to the grocery store with red "just cried" face, but oh well! lol And I've noticed lately I have more and more energy, so my health is improving. Which is huuuuuuuuge."

Nebraska, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Access to all 3 course series (175+ classes) Kabbalah & Me, Kabbalah Academy & Master Classes. 
  • Email interaction. Questions on the topics learned as well as personal topics.
  • Invite to weekly webinars and other special events.

First of all, we have put a tremendous amount of time, effort  and resources in developing a one of it's kind learning platform. 

We have also found that people who get LK and anything for free simply do not value it. Kabbalah calls this "bread of shame". Whenever someone receives something which they have not earned, they do not take it seriously.

We kept the fee at a reasonable rate (2 to 3 cups of coffee) to make Like Kabbalah affordable and accessible to everyone.

Having said that, students who can not afford the enrollment, we do offer scholarships. As part of our mission we offer a free LK subscriptions to Taglit/Birthright students and young students from around the world (our future).

For those who could afford and would like to partner with us in spreading this wisdom we offer the Community Membership.


There is certainly an abundance of free learning out there. We are not denying that. The problem with all of the free learning on Youtube and Facebook is that the student has to piece together information and process often choppy content flow into an understandable world view. 

With Live Kabbalah, the student has access to a system which was learned, studied and applied from a tradition of reputable teachers. 

In other words, Live Kabbalah offers you a step by step system in an unsurpassed professional platform with HD video, audio and PDF notes. Through correspondence, students are mentored and assisted, taking their learning and application of this wisdom to a whole new level.

No problem, on your personal login info you have an option to cancel your enrollment anytime. 

We have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our courses.

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