Own Your Light Coaching 

12 Profound Life-Changing Tools to Apply To Your Life

I know what it feels like to combat self-doubt and self-judgment, to be plagued with anxiety and fears, and to live in fight or flight.

I lived like that for 39 years of my life.  Through my inner struggles with codependency and inner growth and healing over many years, I realized that all the answers were within me. 

This led me on a journey to create "Own Your Light," a coaching program comprised of 12 tools, based on the 10 Sefirot and fundamental concepts in chassidus, to unleash your G-dly potential for deep soul transformation and healing. It is based on the mystical teaching of the Torah, the feminine/ masculine energies of the world, and weaves together all these concepts in a deeply integrated and practical way to heal from trauma, end the cycle of enmeshment, and allow you to Own Your Light. 

Listen to my podcast interview and more about my story with Tonia of "Human & Holy" here.

I am excited to be on this journey with you ūüíē


Tired of Feeling Like Your Not Enough? 

If you feel like no matter how hard you try, it's never good enough; you're not alone. Past traumas, feelings of unworthiness, and valuing yourself based on others are some of the LIMITING beliefs that keep us stuck in the past. 

We live in a society that measures success and achievements based on external accomplishments and productivity. This is the furthest from the truth. Everyone has a soul that is an infinite piece of the Divine within. You have infinite worth, magnificence, capabilities, and potential waiting to be uncovered. No person, trauma, or experience can take that away. 

Through learning the principles of the G-dly truth of reality and the soul within you; and practical tools to integrate this information, you will be able to embody your highest self. You will truly own your light and be able to shine that light out to the world. G-d believes in you. It's time to start believing in yourself.  

I am Here To Guide You On Your Journey To:

Reveal Your Authentic Self


  • Connect to your inner light and open the gates to true self-love
  • Cultivate your intuition and tools to trust your inner voice
  • Learn the signs of Codependency and how to heal
  • Cultivate healthy boundaries and heal from narcissistic abuse
  • Deepen your ability to love and bring more passion into your relationships¬†
  • Master the art of transforming shame into self-confidence and challenges into resilience
  • Connect to your body as a vehicle for your soul and techniques to regulate your nervous system
  • Face and overcome your fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs
  • Develop an authentic connection to your true needs and desires

I would love to hear from you

Let's be in touch about setting up coaching/group coaching or my courses and if would be a good fit for you. Drop your questions below.

Hi, I'm Miriam

As a wife, mother of 10, student and teacher of Chassidus, occupational therapist, life coach, and mentor, I wear many hats!

I am passionate about taking profound teachings and making them emotionally relevant and practical in people's lives. Through my unique life experiences of transforming my darkness into light, I help others connect and live from their highest selves and bring healing, fulfillment, and love to their lives.

Besides being a life coach, I have a Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy, where I worked professionally for many years. I am the co-director of Live Kabbalah Online School with my husband, Rabbi Amichai, where I have had the great honor and privilege of meeting and teaching hundreds of students worldwide.

My greatest passion and life mission is teaching and helping others connect and integrate their true Divine essence and beauty into their everyday lives.

What Makes Own Your Light Coaching Different Than Other Programs?

Many programs and therapeutic modalities come with the premise that because of trauma you have experienced, you are broken and need to change and be fixed. The healing process from that place can feel like an overwhelming journey of searching for answers.  Instead of looking outside yourself for love, compassion, healthy boundaries, and deep satisfaction, the answers are all within YOU. The Ten Sefirot, the spiritual DNA of the world and of you, are your soul powers, the core, and the essence of who you are. Through learning and integrating this information, you are about to embark on a journey of self-growth and transformation from the inside out. The possibilities are endless. 


Group coaching is a supportive space where we learn the tools together and have an opportunity to have support on our journey with like-minded, growing individuals. 

Each meetup is 90 minutes, where we will learn one of the transformational tools, followed by group exercises, mediations, and an opportunity to ask questions, get feedback, and support.

It is a powerful space where we can learn from each other's journeys challenges, and witness the growth and transformation of others. 

It is my pleasure and honor to be on this journey with you¬†ūüíě

"Connecting to Miriam has been a Divine invitation to discover and uncover my inner greatness. Miriam is exquisitely aligned with true femininity and is a model for integrated awareness and authenticity. Her warmth, spirit, and sense of humor enable her to be a conduit as a truly supportive coach and mentor."

Shulamit. London, UK

"As a life coach and a teacher, Miriam's deep wisdom, empathetic, compassionate support, and intuition, in the place where I am, her reflective accuracy has helped me move mountains internally- and affected external shifts (I dreamed of) in just a few short weeks."

Dara Moskowitz. San Diego, California

"Miriam Cohen is a teacher, mother, guide, mentor, and friend. What she has to share comes from her heart of hearts; a balance of inner Torah and personal experience that makes what she gives over so real. She really has so much to give over in the realm of partnership and parenting, that offers insights into our relationship with G-and how those dynamics work inside each and every one of us. Deeply intuitive, honest, and a wellspring of knowledge that always fills my cup with exactly what I need to hear. She has a gift to meet whoever is with her where they are at and bring them to where they want to be (and even beyond!). One of the most accepting people I have ever met, and yet she is rock solid in her values. I highly encourage any women of any age, to work with Miriam; especially when seeking to find guidance into their own inner world, intuition, and practical tools to take steps forward."

Maryam Mades. Hollywood, Florida