Kabbalah & Me, Kabbalah Academy, Master Classes, Kabbalistic Meditations, Webinars

Kabbalah Academy

Kabbalah Academy is a library of fundamental teachings in Kabbalah. Each class is professionally recorded, and the information is broken down and clearly elucidates the intricacies and spiritual significance of these concepts. 



Master Classes

Master Classes is an ever-growing collection of Kabbalistic, Chassidut, and Philosophical texts.  Masterfully taught so students can have an approachable doorway into the vast world of Kabbalah.  


Kabbalah & Me/ Kavanah Academy

Short and applicable nuggets of wisdom integrating the wisdom of Kabbalah into your life, relationship, career, and inner world. No prior background is needed. It is all about integration!

Kavanna Academy is a compilation of Kabbalaisitic mediations to internalize these teachings into your life.   Meditations are all in audio format and accessible via our app.



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