Live Kabbalah - Live Your Truth Podcast

Live Kabbalah - Live Your Truth Podcast

Hosted by: Amichai Cohen

Welcome to the Live Kabbalah - live your truth Podcast! We are Rabbi Amichai and Miriam Cohen, soulpranuers and founders of Live an online school and community whose mission is to empower our students to...


Episode #1 Opening The Heart Meditation With Baruch

Season #1 Episode #1

Combating Corona through love. We are in intense times and need the right perspective and set of mind and get through this- together. Listen to this beautiful heart ❤️ felt meditation by Baruch Steinberg of...
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Episode #2 Special needs children & our capacity to Love -Interview with Yisrael Ben-Baruch

Season #1 Episode #2

Yisrael & his wife Chaya Ben Baruch are exceptional humans with an extraordinary capacity to love. They are parents of 2 special needs adults and they adopted 5 additional special needs children. Yisrael speaks...
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Episode #3 Zusha Band -Spiritually vibeing

Season #1 Episode #3

The Zusha band is one of the most up-and-coming Jewish bands. Drawing from Chassidic inspiration Shlomo Gaisin and Zacharia G have a unique musical style of niggunim, jazz, and funk. In this interview, we discuss the...
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