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We know this may be on the edge and uncontemporary for many, but the discussion needs to be made about the deal with Phsychedilcs and Judaism. Many Jews were involved in the early counterculture and exploration of Eastern philosophies.

Is Judaism missing something? Or are we simply not looking deep enough? These and many more such as what consciousness is and what a mystical experience is, will be presented and discussed.

Since the early 60s, Jews have been the counterculture’s best advocates. Many Jews, such as Ram Dass, Alan Ginsberg, and more, explored the wisdom of the Far East. In his book “The Jew In The Lotus,” author Rodger Kamenetz details the reasons for the disenfranchised young Jews from Judaism and the embrace of the Eastern religions. Much of this quest is due to their mystical experiences. 

In his best-selling book “How To Change Your Mind,” Michael Pollan speaks about the resurgence of interest in psychedelics in both the "mystical experience" and the potential to treat trauma. Scientists are even finding a correlation between the degree to which a patient fulfills the criteria for how researchers define the "mystical experience" and the degree to which they experience healing. 

In our new course, we are excited to explore together with you the correlation between Judaism and Psychedelics.

Since the inspection of the Jewish people, we have experienced the Divine calling in the desert and the Temple, having the quintessential spiritual and holy experience.

From earth-based, tribal practices to meditative techniques to dance and breathwork, Judaism offers a glimpse of the psychedelic experience, as well as a safe and healing paradigm through which to journey with medicine.

In today's "psychedelic renaissance," the Jewish community is leading in grounding these "new" technologies of psychedelic journeying with the ancient technology of Jewish ritual.

During the long exile that we have been on and the complex journey that history had us endure, we have lost many of the keys that are so much the core of our tradition. The need for survival took precedence over the flow and prophetic states we were in the past.

In Judaism, we have a clear spiritual and mystical path that, when studied, applied, and integrated with consciousness, brings the transcendent light of G-d into everyday human experience.

That is accessible and possible for all of us!

Through this course, we will delve into man's need for awe-inspired, transcendent, unitive experiences of Soul, nature, and the Divine—and how these psychedelic experiences are an integral part of Judaism.

For the first time, explore this taboo topic and join these deep conversations and teachings!

The course will run from January 8th- 29th, 2023

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What You Will Learn

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Week 1:

What is the Mystical experience? 

Learn where the overlap is among what psychedelic scientists call the "Mystical Experience." How does Judaism define such a transcendent experience? Why are transcendent experiences integral to healing the mind, body, and soul? Does one need to take a psychedelic substance to have a mystical experience, or can one have such an experience naturally, such as through spirituality and holistic living? 


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Week 2:

Plants & chemical compounds as medicine and in Jewish Law

What are the psychedelics out there currently, and what are they used for? 
Where are we at with science, policy, and legalization?
What entheogenic plants are indigenous to the Middle East? Is there precedent for using them in Jewish narrative/history/culture? What is Acacia - Shitim as the Middle Eastern ayahuasca.
What are the Halachic- Jewish law parameters on Psychedelics? 

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Week 3:

Healing Jewish Trauma

There's no way to talk about psychedelics—from both a mystical and healing perspective—without acknowledging Jewish trauma. How is trauma baked into the narrative of the religion and the experience of being Jewish from the genesis of the religion? And how can our experience of trauma also be transformed into that of healing through aligning ourselves with the mystical consciousness found in Judaism? 

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Week 4:

Integration of Mind, Body, & Soul 

Learn about healing the mind and soul by regulating the nervous system of the body and the quintessential spiritual experience. How can we be present and grounded as a spiritual practice? What Jewish practices can we take on to help us with this? Think prayer, hitbodedut, meditation (hitbonenut), dance, music (nigunim), mikveh—all that helps us integrate the mystical experience and integrate it into our physical, everyday lives? How do our diet and lifestyle affect our whole body experience?

A Multidimensional Experience:


  • Learn what is the authentic mystical experience and how it can be practical in day-to-day life
  • What does the newfound interest in Psychedelics mean?
  • Be amongst the group which will delve into this seldomly discussed yet important subject.
  • What is Jewish trauma, and how can Jewish spirituality heal it?
  • How do we integrate the mind, body, and soul via the mystical experience?
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Meet Rabbi Amichai

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 Born in Jerusalem Israel, Rabbi Cohen grew up in the U.S. and holds a Masters's degree in Special Education,
where he has years of experience in the field as a teacher and principal and founder of a school.

Rabbi Cohen has taught thousands of students from around the world both online and in-person, facilitated inspirational workshops for Taglit/Birthright groups and visitors to Tzfat as well as taught in various Yeshiva and Seminary institutions.

Rabbi Cohen enjoys hiking, traveling, swimming, and winemaking (Earth & Air Wines).
He is married to Miriam, together blessed with 10 beautiful children, making Tzfat, Israel their home since 2012.

Meet Madison Margolin

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Madison Margolin is a journalist covering psychedelics, cannabis, spirituality, and Jewish life. As a memoirist, she also documents growing up in both the Ram Dass community and the cannabis legalization movement. Co-founder of DoubleBlind Magazine, she has written for publications like Rolling Stone, Playboy, VICE, and Ayin Press, where, as contributing editor, she curates a column—"Speaking from Experience"—featuring in-depth conversations with artists, scientists, mystics, healers, activists, and fringe thought leaders engaging with a range of paradigm-shifting encounters, from somatics to psychedelics to cybernetics, going beyond the edges of Jewish life and culture. Also a co-founder of the Jewish Psychedelic Summit and host of the Be Here Now Network's Set & Setting podcast, Madison has traveled from cannabis farms in Northern California to underground ceremonies in Brooklyn to the shores of the Ganges River and all over Israel | Palestine, reporting on the role of entheogens in religion, culture, and healing.

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January 8th- 29th, 2023

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