Join us for a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth through the wisdom and power of Kabbalah, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the Galilee region.

The Revive retreat is an exclusive 5-day transformative experience held in the ancient city of Safed, Israel.

Our retreat is designed to help you tap into and reconnect with your innermost spiritual self while relaxing and recharging in an environment surrounded by breathtaking views and ancient energy. We will be exploring the ancient teachings of Kabbalah, learning about the power and energy of meditation, and focusing on holistic wellness practices to help you feel balanced and revitalized.

Our retreat includes an in-depth tour of Tzfat, hiking, daily yoga classes, guided meditation sessions, lectures on Kabbalah and its teachings, prayer by Tzadikim, winery tours, art and journaling, essential oil workshop, healthy gourmet dining, live music, and plenty of time to explore the beauty of Safed and the Upper Galilee.

We invite you to take this journey with us and return feeling refreshed, revived and spiritually connected. We choose the very auspicious days which lead to the second Pesach and spend the Shabbat before Lag Ba'Omer. 

Join us at Revive and discover the transformative power of spirituality and wellness. Book your stay today and take the first step towards a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Revive Retreat will take place in Tzfat from May 2nd- 7th, 2023

 It Is Time To Revive!


It's been a difficult few years, and now is the time to replenish your physical, emotional, and spiritual energy.

Learn how to disconnect from the noise around you and tune in to what's happening in your mind, body, and soul...

Join us from May 2nd- May 7th - Pesach Sheni (Second the Passover and the Shabbat before Lag Ba'Omer) on our first annual Live kabbalah retreat.

You will not want to miss this!

We'll teach you how to:

  • Clear your mind with meditation
  • Connect with your body through yoga
  • Align your vision with your reality

It’s time to nurture yourself like never before. 





Our retreat itinerary has been thoroughly thought out, focusing on each detail to make this experience as meaningful and impactful as possible.

Each day will have a special theme that all activities will focus on. A full in-depth daily itinerary will be available soon.


Meet & Greet: Welcome To REVIVE 

As you settle into a new environment, you’ll transition into a new state of being. Friendships are a state of enduring affection, esteem, intimacy, and trust. Take a deep breath in, and let's welcome new experiences and energies into your space with safety and love. You will receive your retreat journal and a full itinerary, meet other participants and have a special workshop with Miriam & Nechama Caplan

Day #1: Netzach- Fortitude 

Netzach is a state of building new and strengthening emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual vessels.

Begin the day with movement, breathwork, and prayer. Followed by an In-depth tour of Tzfat with Rabbi Amichai, meet Kabbalistic artist, and explore the power of a kumzitz with music and melody. 

Day #2: Hod- Gratitude

You are enough! As we explore nature and delve deeper into the power of gratitude, we will transition into a hike through Nachal Amud to Meron, with a special gratitude workshop and hitbodedut session. Be ready to experience the power that lights a spark of fire within your soul.

DAY # 3- JOY

Joy is the fabric of life. Let's explore the joy of our inner unquie creativity with sheva chays glass blowing demo. Followed by a gourmet luch ann wine paiing as we explore the exquiest Upper Gallie wineries. After a jouyois and rejuvenating experience we will culminate with a tribal drum circle with Aviva Speigal.


Prayer- is a ladder that binds the infinite possibilities in our lives. We will explore and visit the tombs of the mystical sages in the Upper Gallies. We will learn about their lives and have the opportunity to connect. Through the power of prayer, we will learn how to unlock limited beliefs and transform our subcoucious minds. As we bring in the infinite light of Shabbat, we will have a special candle-making and challah-baking workshop with Bitya Bella.


Shabbat means to return. We will experience a magical and uplifting Shabbat in Tzfat, filled with joyous prayer, festive meals, stimulating group discussions, and a special meet and greet with Artist Yoel Turgman.
Melava Malka: As we transition out of the light of Shabbas with the Shefa band we will welcome in the light of the weekday with a joyous Havdala and festive meal


The Romano boutique hotel, located on the outskirts of the historic city of Safed, offers guests a variety of beautifully designed and fully equipped suites and guest rooms. Partially constructed from a 300-year-old building and partly from a new structure, the hotel creates a unique atmosphere that can only be found in Safed. The hotel features a dining room housed in a centuries-old vaulted structure. Guests can also enjoy the hotel's spacious garden, which features lawns and various seating areas, providing a 360-degree view of the enchanting city of Safed.




Hi, we are Rabbi Amichai & Miriam Cohen of Live Kabbalah School, and we are honored to welcome you to Revive.

We love Tzfat and find it one of the most enchanting cities in the world, and we are excited to share it with you!

It has been a turbulent last few years, to say the least. In our extra fast-paced world, there is such a need for us to slow done, tune in, and revive...

For seven years, we have taught transformational courses that have inspired and changed our students' lives. We felt that now is the time to create an option for our teachings to become super relevant, transformational, intimate, and in-person.
This is why we created Revive, our first annual retreat!

We have selected the finest programs, facilitators, cuisine, and all-around Tzfat experience. You will receive a profound and inspiring experience that will be remembered for the rest of your life. 

We are excited to have Bella as your hostess. We will be joined by Sheva Chaya, Nechama Caplan, Aviva Spiegle, Naomi Sheffield, Shefa Band, and many others as you meet some unique souls in this magical city.

Give yourself the gift of mind, Body & Soul. Now is the time to Revive.

Gift yourself a unique & unforgettable 


Create unforgettable memories in the mystical city of Tzfat. Book now! Be among only 25 people invited on this adventure. 



Valid until Feb 15 2023 (Regular price $2700)

  • Five nights of double occupancy lodging in Romano boutique hotel
  • Gourmet healthy and ethnic dining (half board)
  • Morning meditation and Yoga sessions
  • An in-depth tour of Tzfat. Meet inspirational locals 
  • Explore the Upper Galilee wineries
  • Pray and learn about the Sages /Tzadikim of the region
  • Meet Kabbalistic artists and musicians
  • Prayer, breath, and energy work
  • Dynamic classes and workshops 
  • Self-explore Tzfat with guiding questions + create your own journal 
  • An uplifting Shabbat experience in Tzfat
  • Meet and connect like-minded souls from around the world as we uplift each other



We would love to hear from you. Do not hesitate to contact us here: