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Live Kabbalah is dedicated to bringing the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah and Chassidus to life, empowering you to apply these teachings practically on your unique journey.
Join our vibrant global learning community at Live Kabbalah School. We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds who are eager to explore and advance in the profound and transformative teachings of Jewish mysticism, Kabbalah, and Chassidut.
Situated in Tzfat, Israel, a city renowned for its centuries-long tradition of Kabbalistic study and instruction, Live Kabbalah School is revolutionizing the way these profound teachings are shared, ensuring accessibility for all.
We aim to ground these teachings, making them relevant, applicable, and experiential in everyday life.
Come and join us in connecting, learning, and engaging with like-minded individuals who resonate with your journey—a community of kindred spirits, your SOUL TRIBE awaits!

What Does Live Kabbalah Offer?

  • Immerse yourself in profound, genuine, and uplifting Torah teachings that delve into the inner depths through the prism of Kabbalah and Chassidut.

  • Experience a systematic and structured approach to learning that guides you along a transformative journey, offering both knowledge and guidance.

  • Discover life-altering spiritual tools that facilitate personal growth and profound transformations.

  • Embark on guided Kabbalah and healing meditations that nurture your spiritual well-being.

  • Access our user-friendly and professional class portal, designed to enhance your learning experience.

  • Stay connected with the Live Kabbalah App, allowing you to stay tuned and engaged wherever you go.

  • Engage in a vibrant community forum, a space to share, connect, and exchange questions with both teachers and fellow seekers, forming meaningful connections with your SOUL TRIBE.

Semester Learning/ Delve Into Fascinating, Healing & Transformative Topics

You always wanted to delve into concepts to learn with incredible teachers and mentors.

Now you can!

With hundreds of hours of previously recorded live content. A glimpse into semester learning. Healing Through Prayer Course with Haya Baker.


The Gates of Supernal Wisdom Are Open

Regarding the revelation & study of the book of the Zohar, it is said, "With this book, they will come out of exile with mercy."
The holy Ba'al Shem Tov was told by the soul of Moshiach, "I will come when your wellsprings spread outwards, and others will perform unifications like you."

Hundreds of Hours of Learning Content  

Experience the transformative power of Kabbalah Academy and the Master Classes series led by Rabbi Amichai, as he skillfully imparts the foundational principles and simplifies complex concepts with clarity and dynamic delivery. Enhanced with specially curated PDF notes, students can seamlessly integrate their learning experience.

Embark on an unparalleled journey of Kabbalah exploration through the Live Kabbalah Semester Learning Program. Unveiling the vast world of Kabbalah learning like never before, this program offers professionally prerecorded classes catering to both beginners and advanced students alike.

Each Sunday, a live class delves into fundamental concepts in Kabbalah. In addition, each week, you will receive supplementary Kabbalah Academy & Master classes, further readings, and meditation from our school library to integrate the concepts learned.


Choose Your Learning Plan

Discover a variety of options 

Semester Learning


Most Popular

  • Guided learning from beginner to advanced levels
  • 300+ Hours of Recorded Classes & in-depth PDF Notes
  • Weekly healing Kabbalah Meditations 

  • Weekly Live In-depth advanced Zohar Textual Study

  • Weekly "Inner Vibe" Class On The Energy of the Week with Rabbi Amichai

  • Access To all courses & workshops

  • Worldwide Learning Community with special private community form
  • A user-friendly student portal including an App to access your learning on the go
  • Special Guest Teachers 


Personalized Learning Plans


Most Value

  • Weekly learning and Q&A with Rabbi Amichai Cohen
  • Guided learning from beginner to advanced levels

  • 300+ Hours of Recorded Classes & in-depth PDF Notes

  • Weekly healing Kabbalah Meditations

  • Weekly Live In-depth advanced Zohar Textual Study

  • Weekly "Inner Vibe" Class On The Energy of the Week with Rabbi Amichai

  • Access To All courses & workshops

  • Worldwide Learning Community with special private community form

  • A user-friendly student portal including an App to access your learning on the go

  • Special Guest Teachers


Self Learner


Basic Package

  • Over 100 Hours of Recorded Classes & Courses

  • Access To Meditations In Kavana Academy With Meditations Added Weekly

  • PDF Notes of Classes

  • New! Weekly live Zohar Class 

  • Weekly Live Spiritual Tuneup Class On The Energy of the Week 


Discover Courses

One Time Purchase

Price Varies

  • Courses and Semesters that delve into the fundamentals and purpose of life. Live your highest self today!
  • Lifetime Access
  • HD Video & Audio
  • PDF Notes of Classes
  • Meditations 
  • Journaling Exercises 

Immerse in a wealth of transformative Kabbalah meditations, allowing wisdom to penetrate the depths of your heart 

At Kavana Academy, you can access a diverse range of meditations designed to enhance your spiritual journey. Explore meditations centered around the energy of the new month, delve into the profound meanings behind the letters of the Hebrew Aleph Bet, experience Hitbonenut—guided meditations that immerse you in the concepts of Kabbalah and Chassidut, and engage in healing meditations that promote spiritual well-being.

Additionally, enrich your experience by watching videos from the Ba'al Shem Tov series, providing valuable insights and teachings. While most meditations are audio-only, these videos offer a visual component to enhance your understanding and connection further.


Live Kabbalah's mission is to spread this wisdom. If you require a scholarship or would like to sponsor a student, click below 


From Our Students 

LiveKabbalah is a breath of fresh air in a fast-paced, overwhelming, decision-oriented
society and culture.

-Brian Polonsky

Los Angeles, California

LiveKabbalah has taken me to new levels spiritually. It has changed my life. I listen to classes almost daily. I journal all of them, study them and apply them.

-Jason Hotchkiss

Cory, Pennsylvania 

So glad to be here. Loving these teachings and classes. It’s great food for my soul....just what I need right now. Thank you for sharing all your wisdom and giving it over SO well!

Shalhevet Marquet 

Eugene, Oregan 

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