Why Live Kabbalah?

We are flooded with free information online. With content on YouTube and other free learning sites we are given vast amounts of information, but no direction. 
Live Kabbalah is an Online School which helps the student to sequentially learn and grow.
 Allow us to personally guide and coach you through the intricate stages of learning. 
A Live Kabbalah membership gives you an authentic guide in study and application of this inner wisdom.


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LK Membership is $18 a month and grants you unlimited access to all video classes and PDF notes and correspondence with teachers.

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Membership gives you instant access to a wealth of knowledge. New classes and courses are added each month. 
With a multitude of quality classes at your finger tips, you enter a new realm of learning opportunities!
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If you are a Birthright student or a student and would like to receive a free subscription to Live Kabbalah, simply send in this form to receive your free access code.


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