Are you ready for a 30-day soul boost?

"30 Day Emunah & Bitachon Boost"

Emunah translates as belief, but it is much more...

Bitachon means to trust in the creator and trust in ourselves.

But how do we do it?

August 15th, 2021








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Are you feeling tired, drained, and burned out?

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4 Weekly Live Meetings

Exploring Emunah & Bitachon in great depth. Sunday evenings @ 8:30 pm Jerusalem time/ 1:30 pm EST/ 10:30 am Pacific  

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Daily Recorded Boost

Daily videos & audio inspirational nuggets on the 14th Century classic- Sha'ar Habitachon, written Rabbenu B'chaye Ibn Pikudei

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Community Chat

Private community chat allows for teacher and student interactions, questions, and sharing. A great way to apply the information


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Journaling & Practical Exercises 

Challenge yourself to work on the most important aspects of your life. Learn to trust and believe in the unlimited goodness of the creator. 

Emunah- Unlimited Possiblities

Emunah is the belief in the unlimited goodness and love of the creator.

Emunah means that anything is possible for me.

Emunah means manifesting our dreams 

Bitachon- Unlimited Trust 

Bitachon is the trust we have in G-d that everything is for our best

Bitachon means that we can shift what happens to us by the extent of our trust

Bitachon means that we can think good and it will be good

30-Day Soul Boost

This past year and a half have been a turbulent time, to say the least. From Covid to worldwide political upheavals, to unnatural calamities.

It is impossible to hold on unless we are anchored with a deep why.  Although we cannot answer most of the whys, in order to have peace of mind and joy we must learn to accept that there is a master in charge of the world and that nothing is random. 

Dive Into A Transformative Experience 

All classes will be recorded and available within 24 hours of the live class. You have lifetime access to the course. Private semester group chat

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Rabbi Amichai Cohen M.S

Founder & Director of Live Kabbalah Online School, Internationally Acclaimed Speaker & Lecturer, Scholar, Spiritual Teacher & Sought After Mentor Based Out of Tzfat, Israel 

"This unique online gathering space offers persons a new context by which to discover him or herself positioned before their Creator. "

Joseph Fleischman - Connecticut, USA 

"Rabbi Amichai Cohen is an amazing teacher. He is gifted with the ability to connect the mystical to the practical, both in his teachings and in life itself."

Mordechai David Naseck Holistic Practitioner, Arizona, USA

"Rabbi Amichai is an original thinker, profound, focused, and sincere. As a teacher, he has the ability to open learners up to a fresh way of thinking. He helps them access purpose and a sense of their own soul. I consider it a privilege to hear him teach and know him as a person."

Shimona Tzukernik -International Torah Lecturer, Brooklyn, NY

“Live Kabbalah has taken me to new levels spiritually. It has changed my life. I listen to classes almost daily. I journal all of them, study them and apply them.”

Jason Hotchkiss - Pennsylvania, USA

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  • 4 Live Webinar Class
  • Recorded and Live Classes
  • Daily: Guided recorded classes from Sha'ar Habitachon
  • Journaling & Practical Exercises
  • Private Interactive Group Chat With Fellow Students & Teachers
  • Four Life-Changing & Transformative Weeks As Part Of Our Global Community