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"Where are you?" "אייכה?" is G-d's resounding question to Adam. Since our primordial reduction to four-dimensional awareness, the caring, guiding, open question reverberates:
Where are you?

Where does your consciousness meet you at this moment?

Join spiritual healer Haya Baker and Rabbi Amichai Cohen, of Live Kabbalah online school, on a profound and transformative healing experience based on the power of prayer.

Prayer has always been at the forefront of the human heart. The connection we foster with the infinite is at the core of the essence of prayer. In this course, you will learn how prayer can provide immense spiritual, physical, and emotional healing.

You will learn about the power of intention and how to utilize your spiritual reservoir to make major shifts in your life by tapping into your personal Geula.

What is Geula/redemption?

The era of Geula is a liberating process of personal revival and universal reawakening.

Geula is the gentle activation of your essence to live and breathe with your one and only beloved Creator.

You are privileged to partner, with the One, in co-creating a kinder, renewed, thriving world.​

Any sense of alienation is a cosmic invitation to come home to your Creator, whose loving presence is breathing you into life every moment.
(״...ויפח באפיו נשמת חיים...״ (בראשית ב:ז״...and he breathed into his nostrils the breath of life...(Genesis 2:7)

In Introduction to Heart Homecoming, we will practice body-mind-heart skills specific to our unique generation, which help remind us who we are. You will learn how to find yourself in any given moment and thus return to the source of your soul, the source of all souls, Hashem.


We are excited to invite you on this journey of both source-based and practical wisdom to help you in your life's journey. 

Join us on for this healing experience that goes to the core of our humanity!


The Semester will be offered from February 19th- March 19th, 2023.

What You Will Learn

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Week 1: 

Heart Homecoming

Find yourself, unconditionally, in your body, in the here and now. Find your Creator, ever awaiting you, with love. As you befriend yourself, your every emotion, in your body temple, within the unconditional love of your Creator. Notice what happens


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Week 2: 

Divine Integration Healing

We will build on the skills of class 1, adding an energetic reconnection to your soul and to the Source of your soul and all souls, Hashem. From within the coordinates of your holy body temple you will reconnect points, ingathering your parts to bring them home to who you are within Hashem.


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Week 3: 

Healing Through Prayer

Use prayer as a tool for connecting your Divine higher self with the ego and trauma-ridden parts of yourself. Your heart has the ability to communicate the unspeakable. In Hebrew, this is called Kavanat Ha'Lev. Learn about the various modalities of heart-centred prayer.

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Week 4: 

Living Geula

Just as there is the collective Geula or redemption there is the personal. By tapping into our personal Geula we aid the collective one. In this powerful finale, we will learn about what are the tools needed to integrate Geula into our lives. how can we fully show up, release past traumas and live life as we were intended to.

A Multidimensional Experience:

Explore The Following Transformative Tools & Possible Integrations In Your Life

  • Revive and renew who you are through a loving relationship with yourself and your Creator...

  • Delve into classic and spiritual sources about the power of healing found in prayer
  • Attune to the One who is ever recreating you, and all that is, every moment anew, from within...

  • Access the inner wonders of your soul-body dual processor

  • You are a living, breathing agent of personal and cosmic healing

  • Come home to your heart

  • Attune with the Divine to revive your life and your world

  • Contribute your light to the emerging symphony of life!

  • We are at the threshold of wondrous new inner frontiers...

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Listen to the Replay of the Intro Class

Learn & Experience The Power of Healing Through Prayer from these two teachers who will bring diversity and nuance into your understanding of yourself and where you are at.


Haya is a powerful healer and intuitive guide. Hear her empathetically listen and coach.


February 19th- March 19th, 2023

4 Live Sessions (1-2 hours) on Sundays at 8:30 PM Jerusalem Time. 1:30 PM EST/ 12:30 PM Central/ 10:30 AM Pacific (Please check your time zone to connect). A special class invite link will be sent out weekly.

The first half of the session will be presented by Rabbi Amichai with slides, and Haya will present the second half with real-time integration and cultivation of inner awareness.

All classes and meditations will be recorded and available to watch after the course on our unique class portal.

You will have lifetime access to the course contents, including the recordings of the webinars, supplementary content, guided meditations, and other exercises. There be a private semester group chat to connect with teachers and fellow peers.

 Meet Rabbi Amichai

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 Born in Jerusalem Israel, Rabbi Cohen grew up in the U.S. and holds a Masters's degree in Special Education,
where he has years of experience in the field as a teacher and principal and founder of a school.

Rabbi Cohen has taught thousands of students from around the world both online and in-person, facilitated inspirational workshops for Taglit/Birthright groups and visitors to Tzfat as well as taught in various Yeshiva and Seminary institutions.

Rabbi Cohen enjoys hiking, traveling, swimming, and winemaking (Earth & Air Wines).
He is married to Miriam, together blessed with 10 beautiful children, making Tzfat, Israel their home since 2012.

Meet Haya Baker

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Haya Baker, M.A. is a lifelong trailblazer of conscious evolution. She is the founder of Heart Homecoming and Divine Integration Healing.

With G-d’s help, Haya has supported individuals and groups worldwide for several decades as they achieve profound growth and wellness and nurture healthy relationships. They thrive on contributing their soul light to the holy symphony of life!

Upon graduating with honors from Columbia University and completing her M.A. at N.Y.U. in Environmental Education, Haya chose to dedicate her life to exploring the inner human environment. For the last several decades, she has been developing, facilitating, and teaching individuals prayer-based, body-mind conscious healing and transformation for a new era of redemption.

Haya's Heart Homecoming and Divine Integration Healing are unique modalities that draw upon principles of Somatic work, Meditation, Logotherapy, Energy Psychology, Ecology, and other natural sciences. Her greatest inspiration, however, comes from the divine, mystical wisdom of the Torah, as passed down through the ages by the prophets and sages.

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Dive Into Healing Through Prayer

״When the essence of a unique soul is forgotten, when one is distracted from noticing the content of one’s inner life, everything becomes confused and doubtful. The primary return which instantly illuminates the darkness is that man returns unto himself, to the root of his soul. Thus he will instantly return to G-d, the G-d of all souls, and he will progress, rising ever loftier in holiness and purity. This applies to the individual, to an entire nation, to all of humanity, and the rectification of all of existence. The malfunction always arises from forgetting oneself….”

Rabbi Abraham Yitchak Hacohen Kook (1865-1935)
“The Lights of Return” 15,10

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Weekly Live Webinar Classes

Sundays @ 8:30 pm Jerusalem time/ 1:30 pm EST/ 10:30 am Pacific  

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Recorded Video/Audio 

Hours of Recorded Supplementary Content for You to Listen to Whenever/Wherever

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Guided Meditations 

Deepen & Internalize These Teachings With Meditations from Rabbi Amichai and guest teachers


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Journaling & Practical Exercises 

Journal & Reflect Your Growth Towards Greater Self Discovery & Transformation 

Your Investment

Bonus: When you sign up, you will receive the 5-part "Essence of Prayer" Course. In this series, Rabbi Amichai will present you with what prayer is according to classic, Talmudic, Chassidic, and Kabbalistic perspectives. Much of the course is a framework from his book "Enraptured Souls" Understanding Jewish Prayer. 

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We would love to hear from you with any questions. Also, if you are unable to pay the full price of the course and would like to join reach out to us here.

We look forward to welcoming you and seeing you flourish!

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