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Kabbalistic Insights Into Mindfulness & Meditation- Deepen Your Awareness & Connection To The Divine  

Meditation is the practice of becoming aware of our mind, body, and soul connection.

In Kabbalah, meditation is a tool for deepening our awareness and connection to the divine reality which exists within the universe and within yourself.

Join us for this exciting 4-week semester to experience the power of your soul and the serenity and bliss that it will bring to your life. 

The course will run from July 24th until August 14th

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What You Will Learn

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Week 1: 

Entering The Chamber

An introduction to the world of meditation and the various types of meditation 


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Week 2: 


Learn about the unique approach of Kabbalah meditation and the Ba'al Shem Tov's novelty 


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Week 3: 


Divine unifications or Yichudim is the practice of mindfully blending names of G-d and the paradoxical elements of life.

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Week 4: 

The Hebrew Alpha Bet

The Hebrew language is the building block of creation according to the Zohar. Learn about the potent power of the letters as well as the healing potential; of rearranging letters.  

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 Learn The Tools To:

  • Internalize the fundamentals of Meditation & Mindfulness 
  • Shift your focus and perception of yourself and the world
  • Hold your attention span for longer periods of times
  • Feel calm and connected to your inner self
  • Spiritually align with your higher calling 
  • Live a soul-based life
  • Connect to your inner light and open the gates to self-love
  • Cultivate your intuition and tools to trust your inner voice 
  • Deepen your ability to fully love and bring more passion into your relationships
  • Revitalize your life force, energy, and exuberance
Learn The Tools

Meet Rabbi Amichai

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 Born in Jerusalem Israel, Rabbi Cohen grew up in the U.S. and holds a Masters's degree in Special Education,
where he has years of experience in the field as a teacher and principal and founder of a school.

Rabbi Cohen has taught thousands of students from around the world both online and in-person, facilitated inspirational workshops for Taglit/Birthright groups and visitors to Tzfat as well as taught in various Yeshiva and Seminary institutions.

Rabbi Cohen enjoys hiking, traveling, swimming, and winemaking (Earth & Air Wines).
He is married to Miriam, together blessed with 10 beautiful children, making Tzfat, Israel their home since 2012.

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July 24th- August 18th, 2022

All classes and meditations will be recorded and available to watch after the course. You have lifetime access to the course contents including the recordings of the webinars, the supplementary content, guided meditations, and other exercises. There will also be a private semester group chat for you to connect with your peers.

With Special Guest Teachers

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Barukh Immanuel Erdstein

Barukh Immanuel Erdstein is an author, musician, and educator, seeking to share the world-view of the Kabbalah and its practices to help improve the world. A student of Jewish mysticism for 20 years, Barukh is originally from suburban Detroit and studied Anthropology at the University of Michigan, from where his spiritual search led him to Israel. He is particularly inspired by Lurianic Kabbalah, the teachings of the Komarno Rebbe and Rav Kook, and the present-day Ingathering to the Land of Israel. He presently lives on a hilltop with his family, close to the land, outside of the ancient city of Shechem.

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Yehezkel Yosef Abulafia 

Yehezkel’s journey began almost 9 years ago when on a Birthright trip to Israel. Upon visiting Tzfat, he felt an immediate connection to the place and decided to begin exploring the mystical teachings he learned to be associated with the holy city. In exploring both Kabbalah and his own heritage, Yehezkel was able to trace his lineage back to the 13th-century Kabbalist Avraham Abulafia ZT” L. After studying in Yeshivot in both the United States and Israel, Yehezkel has returned to Tzfat where his journey first began. He and his wife Mia have decided to dedicate their lives to living and sharing with others the endless beauty of the Torah and life itself.

Dive Into The World of Meditation & Kabbalah

Deepen your awareness and connection to the divine reality which exists within the universe and within yourself


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Weekly Live Webinar Classes

Sundays @ 8:30 pm Jerusalem time/ 1:30 pm EST/ 10:30 am Pacific  

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Recorded Video/Audio 

Hours of Recorded Supplementary Content for You to Listen to Whenever/Wherever

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Guided Meditations 

Deepen & Internalize These Teachings With Meditations from Rabbi Amichai and guest teachers


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Journaling & Practical Exercises 

Journal & Reflect Your Growth Towards Greater Self Discovery & Transformation 

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We look forward to welcoming you and seeing you flourish!

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