We live in the One Percent!

What does the One Percent analogy mean?

Well, we really know very little as to what is happening in the spiritual realms or the 99%.  We think that we are a body and we "happen" to have a soul. The truth is that we ARE a soul, and we have a body. 

Our five senses are a gift and are how we interface with the physical world, BUT they can very much distract us from seeing the world at face value. The reality is that there are vast universes and dimensions existing simultaneously, The more awareness that we have about the truth of reality, the more we can see past the veil of our limited existence and transcend the limitations that we put on ourselves and our potential. 

We created a practical guide to the Metaphysical Realms, where we delve into some of the deepest Kabbalistic concepts and bring them down in an emotionally relevant and practical way. 

This is the first course of a year-long journey called "The Fusion Of the Physical and Spiritual." Our purpose is to live a harmonious life that incorporates a deep awareness of all realms within us and within the metaphysical coexisting as ONE. 

 Together with Miriam, we will co-teach to get a more expanded perspective from both the masculine and feminine dimensions.

We are excited to invite you on this journey of both source-based and extremely practical wisdom to help you in your life's journey. 

The wisdom of Kabbalah will give you a deeper understanding of the metaphysical realms of the Universe.

Join us on this journey!

Rabbi Amichai & Miriam Cohen


The course will run from October 30th - November 20th, 2023.

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What You Will Learn

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Week 1: 

Mending Our Broken Parts

Prior to the creation as we know it, there was a unified field of divine oneness. At a certain point, this unity was interrupted, causing fragmentation and shattering of the vessels and fallen sparks meant for us to lift. 


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Week 2: 

Fragmented Reality

The true reality of the creator is "Ain Sof" or infinite. For our limited reality to exist, there was a limitation of this light called the Tzimzum the cosmic condensation. This is the source of fragmented reality and duality entering existence.  


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Week 3: 

 Receiving Abundance 

The creation of the world was made for Adam, and as Kabbalah says to receive the infinite good of the creator and bask in his delight. Adam or man is also a cosmic realm that happened at the inception of creation. This realm encompasses all levels of existence and man plays as the conductor from the human to the spiritual realms. 

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Week 4: Our Multidimensional Personality  

The Partzufim are the spiritual archetypes of creation. These four facets illude to the meta-conscious, intellectual, emotional, and practical parts of our personality. Much like in man, these spiritual facets exist in the spiritual realms. 

A Multidimensional Experience: 

  • Learn the authentic Kabbalistic concepts coupled with practical application 
  • Expand upon the soul/ body dimensions 
  • Gain awareness of the broken parts of ourselves is a stage for further healing
  • Begin to transcend your fragmented reality 
  • Become more aware of the potential available for you in life
  • Connect with an abundance mindset 
  • Accept all parts of your personality 
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Rabbi Amichai Cohen

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 Born in Jerusalem Israel, Rabbi Cohen grew up in the U.S. and holds a Masters's degree in Special Education,
where he has years of experience in the field as a teacher and principal and founder of a school.

Rabbi Cohen has taught thousands of students from around the world both online and in-person, facilitated inspirational workshops for Taglit/Birthright groups and visitors to Tzfat as well as taught in various Yeshiva and Seminary institutions.

Rabbi Cohen enjoys hiking, traveling, swimming, and winemaking (Earth & Air Wines).
He is married to Miriam, together blessed with 10 beautiful children, making Tzfat, Israel their home since 2012.

Miriam Cohen

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As a wife, mother of 10, a student and teacher of Chassidus, a life coach, and a mentor, Miriam has learned how to balance the many ups and downs of life.

In her popular courses, Miriam is able to integrate deep concepts in a way that is practical and relevant in people's lives.

Through Miriam's life wisdom, experience, and intuition she is able to help others connect and live from their higher selves and bring healing, fulfillment, and love to their lives.

Miriam has a master's degree in occupational therapy where she worked professionally for many years helping children and adults live a better life.

Her greatest passion is teaching and helping others connect and integrate their true Divine essence into their everyday lives.

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October 30th- November 20th, 2022

All classes and meditations will be recorded and available to watch after the course. You have lifetime access to the course contents including the recordings of the webinars, the supplementary content, guided meditations, and other exercises. There will also be a private semester group chat for you to connect with your peers.

Dive Into The Metaphysical  

Deepen your awareness and connection to the divine reality which exists within the universe and yourself


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Weekly Live Webinar Classes

Sundays @ 8:30 pm Jerusalem time/ 1:30 pm EST/ 10:30 am Pacific  

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Recorded Video/Audio 

Hours of Recorded Supplementary Content for You to Listen to Whenever/Wherever

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Guided Meditations 

Deepen & Internalize These Teachings With Meditations from Rabbi Amichai and guest teachers


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Journaling & Practical Exercises 

Journal & Reflect Your Growth Towards Greater Self Discovery & Transformation 

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