Mentoring & Coaching With Rabbi Amichai

As a Rabbi, teacher & mentor, I have had the honor and privilege of speaking to thousands of students and individuals worldwide.

Through my eclectic life journey and unique life experiences, including healing my one personal traumas, I have the unique ability to meet people where they are and take them to the next level of personal and spiritual growth.  

 Through spiritual and practical guidance, I am committed to helping you reach your goals and embrace a spiritually aligned, loving, grounded, happy, and fulfilled life.

Drawing upon the divine support of Hashem, I will assist you in comprehending your soul's composition and discovering the unique gifts you can contribute to the world.

 I will equip you with practical tools to overcome obstacles, conquer fears, and transcend limiting beliefs, empowering you to embody your highest self, enhance your relationships and success in your careerand harmonize and integrate all aspects of your being. 

 You can expect to receive valuable and tangible insights that will facilitate the integration of all aspects of your being, igniting transformative shifts in every area of your life.

 Healing Through Awareness

  • Understanding our soul's mission & fixing (tikun) 
  • Relationships & Couples
  • Trauma Healing & Narcissistic Abuse
  • Meditation, mindfulness
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Brian Polonsky

"Amichai Cohen is a breath of fresh air in a fast-paced, overwhelming, decision-oriented society and culture. His presence is calming, and his words are expanding. I felt paralysed in making a big decision and he listened carefully, questioned skilfully, and helped me get to the answer on my own. He is by no means a passive leader, he is an active leader, speaker, and influencer, but engages with people in a way that lets them be empowered and take ownership. His wisdom is timeless, his heart is massive, and his ability to share esoteric Torah ideas in a way that resonates is uncanny. Get connected with him!" 

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Yosef David Hasson 

"I am privileged to call Rabbi Cohen my teacher, a mentor and guide, and a dear friend. I highly recommend him as a teacher and spiritual mentor."

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Naomi Sheffield-Kohn

"Rav Amichai Cohen is an incredible mentor with real-time tools and tips that help with emotional growth and spirituality. I've gained so much from his help and support and really recommend it to others"

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