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Rabbi Amichai Cohen

Founder & Director of Live Kabbalah

Rabbi Amichai is a scholar, spiritual mentor, and inspirational speaker. 

Based out of Tzfat, Israel, Amichai has taught thousands of students from around the world both online and in-person about the profound wisdom of Kabbalah & Chassidut.

Rabbi Amichai's approach is practical and inspiring, drawing upon authentic textual sources and applying them to real-world success and inner personal transformation.

Rabbi Amichai was born in Jerusalem Israel and grew up in the U.S. He is a descendant of Kabbalist Rabbi Avraham Azulai. 

As a senior lecturer at Ascent Of Safed, Rabbi Amichai leads lectures and facilitated workshops for Taglit/Birthright groups and visitors to Tzfat.

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Miriam Cohen

Co- Founder & Teacher

Miriam is a down to earth and talented spiritual mentor and teacher who has the life wisdom, experience and intuition to connect the abstract with the practical. 

Miriam specializes in helping women to find the balance of family and work. She is an acutely intuitive individual, and has keen insight into the intricacies of relationships. It will come with no surprise that as a mother of 10, she has much to say and advise on children and parenting. 

Miriam has a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy, which she worked in the profession for 15 years. Her deepest passion is education of her family and young women and adults which she interacts with.

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Baruch Steinberg

Mentor & Meditations Facilitator 

Baruch Steinberg has made the journey to Kabbalah & Chassidut from Scottsdale, Arizona, where he worked in the online higher education field.

Baruch is a compassionate, authentic and loving person who is a valued new addition to Live Kabbalah School.

Baruch has been meditating for years , an energy healer and is an insightful group facilitator and mentor.

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