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beyond the zodiac Jun 18, 2021

By Miriam

The Month of Tammuz

The Summer Sun- The summer refers to a time of excessive revelation of G-dliness and the revelation of YKVK. 

More sun means more of an aptitude to connect to spirituality in the summer 

״כי שמש ומגן יהוה אלוקים״

 Sun= name of G-d (YKVK)

Magen/ ozone layer= Elokim 


YKVK connotes revelation while Elokim  holds the intensity of the YKVK because with the intensity we couldn’t survive the intense spiritual revelation and so G-d created nature (Numerology of Elokim).


During the summer there is more of a revelation of YKVK and less of Elokim and the opposite in the winter- there is more withholding and less revelation of G-dliness and that is why its cold. 

Hot regions on the globe there is more of a revelation of YKVK.

The Maimonides lived in hot regions (Morocco, Spain, Egypt). He would argue with his fellow Kabbalist who lived in winter that they couldnt get it bc of the cold.


Contradiction in the month-so it can seem harder to access the spirituality.


Tammuz etmology of a Babylonian or Caanite idol

Ezekeiel- Created a hollow image of a diety (Tamuz). They filled the eyes with lead and then they lit it. 

The eyes would look like they were crying.

Women came around it and they would be evoked to tears when they saw the tears of the idol.  Tammuz represents the summer solaces. Winter Solaces- (going into the summer)- The days are getting longer & there is a sense of longing and excitement.

Summer Solaces- End of longest days of the year- weeping the end of potential, the end of possibilities. Tamuz and Av we are crying and there will be a cry for generations- Time of the destruction of the Temples. Crying is not out of despair and desperation & lost possibilities.

The crying of Tamuz in a holy way is crying ( kids and good tears) for the potential that is and the hope of a better future- its tears of transformation ( hope for a greater future)

Idolatry is taking G-d and making it in mans image. Idolatry is worshiping of the self and the body.

This month we have the ability to reveal G-dliness or it could be about the body (tan, self absorbed of the self).


We have the choice to recognize the source of the sun ( either the sun rays to give us a tan or to access more spirituality). Tears of despair or tears of hope and potential

Do we see the month as a time of destruction or redemption? 


Tamuz and Av were supposed to be times of enormous blessings ( and it will be returned to that when Moshiach comes)

 Although the Torah was revealed on Mt Sinai in Sivan, Moses spent the next 40 days in a study partnership with G-d to make the lights accessible to pull down G-dliness from heaven in a way that was accessible. 


On the 17th day of Tammuz we expected Moses to come back to the camp with the tablets- there was a miscalculation of the hours and many panicked that Moses died ( Women didn’t). 

Many people joined the mixed multitude and formed the Golden calf. 

When Moses saw the desecration he cast the Tablets to the ground and we lost the opportunity. We were 6 hours away from eternal paradise.

If the Tablets had entered our possession we would have stepped straight into the time of Moshiach. It was scheduled for the month of Tammuz. 


Since Tamuz is the month of our fall, it also must provide the key to the repair. 

Each month has a special sense and a special hebrew letter (sight and letter Chet) which repairs the damage that occurred during that month. 

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