Become The Change You Want To See! The Quintessential Mitzvah

semester Jun 19, 2020

If you had to choose the ONE, yes, the ONE Mitzvah- most important commandment, which would it be?

The great 2 Century Sage of the Mishnah says that it is the verse in Leviticus; "Love Your Fellow As Your Self."

Why is this Mitzvah THE quintessential essence of the entire Torah?

The Alter Rebbe explains that we are all ONE part of a collective body. Although we may differ in our views and characteristic traits, we are all part of the first man ADAM.

Kabbalah explains that our souls are all fragments of the collective SOUL of Adam and that our personal and collective Tikun - fixing, is to become reunified with our source and the mutual "sparks" of the entire universe. ALL SOULS of previous generations are a part of this. 

We are at a juncture in history, which the Kabbalists predicted as a confusing and time for humanity - the birth pangs of Moshiach. At the same time, NOW is the time for us to rise to our collective and UNIFIED  mission. 

With all of the divisiveness gnawing at us from every corner, it is exceptionally destabilizing in maintaining balance and equilibrium during these times. The good news is that we have the tools to work through our personal and collective challenges. The bad news is that we don't know HOW to use these tools.

In our new Semester, we have culled from these sources and with the help of our incredible guest teachers and practical workbook on how to build the communities that we are yearning to create and the CHANGE we seek to see. Learn the tools for becoming that change and become a leader and catalyst for change. Join our new Semester!



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