The Four Who Were Lost at Sea

believe emunah parsha Feb 03, 2023

As in all major events in history, many battles were waged between nations, but it was the battle that the nation themselves were waging against each other and the conviction which allowed them to march forward. 

The Splitting of the Sea of reeds was undoubtedly one of the major events that shaped Jewish and world history and was no less diverse. 

The Midrash tells us that there were four groups at the time of splitting the Sea of Reeds. When they saw the onslaught of the Egyptians, they contested between themselves. A fifth directive included being completely present, confident, and marching forward.

Join us as we explore these four groups and the conviction of the fifth as the one that actually splits the Sea.

With a special breath work and hypnotic meditation for crossing your Sea of Reeds at the end of the class.

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