The Collective Knowing Heart

Mar 20, 2023

Our class begins with a short meditation and then delves into one of the most important subjects: achieving love and communal connections with others.   

Each of us is a combination of the individuality of our beings as well as being part of a greater collective reality.   We yearn for both originality and seek camaraderie as a social species.   There is a quest within the immature level of ourselves for excessive individuality. This quest can often be at the expense of being a contributing and integrated part of the collective.   

The opposite is true as well. Very often, either we or the society we are a part of strips us of our sense of individuality.   Of course, we find this in forms of government, but the psychological dichotomy runs deep within our collective human spirit.  In this week's Parsha, we read two portions, Vayakhel and Pekudai. Vayakhel means to assemble the collective, while Pekudai means to count the individual.   

Our weekly "Inner Vibe" class delved into what the Torah says about finding this balance. Most importantly, we will aim to extract transformative points for our lives.

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