Fully Feel The Trauma To Transmute It

Jan 27, 2023

In this week's Torah portion- Bo. God says to Moshe, "Come To Pharoah." It is a cosmic showdown between not two individuals but a showdown of courageously facing trauma do not. 

As we learn about and commemorate the story of the redemption from Egypt (on daily and yearly levels), we learn about personal freedom and redemption from trauma.

The powerful distinction in the word "Bo" vs. "Lech" is that "Bo" means going together with the higher power of one's Godly soul.

In the words of the Rebbe in Hayom Yom the 4th of Shevat:

"Mitzrayim (Egypt) expresses constriction and limitation. The spiritual Egyptian exile is the animal soul's restricting and concealing the Godly soul so severely that the Godly soul is compressed to the degree that it is diminished and obscured.

"Exodus from Egypt" removes the constriction and bounds; i.e., the intellect in the brain illuminates the heart, bringing about fine character traits translated into actual practice." 

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