Jacob's Ladder- The Treasure Is Right Under Your Head! (+Vlog)

parsha Nov 20, 2018

The epic dream of Jacob represents have many different interpretations. According to the Zohar, the ladder represents prayer. The Talmud explains that the ladder represents prayer because the words of prayer ascend upwards and bring down vitalizing energy.

The Midrash has a different interpretation. According to the Midrash the ladder represents the four exiles of the Jewish people. 

The four exiles are: 

1. Babylon

2. Persia and Media

3. Greece

4. Rome

In his dream, Jacob saw the angels ascend upwards, representing and exile, finally completed as the angel descends.

When Jacob saw the angel which represented the exile of Rome, he "become fearful", because the angel did not descend, appearing as if the exile of Rome would never end. 

Then G-d calls to him from on top of the ladder and says "do not be fearful, for the land which you are sleeping upon is your's and your children". 

What is the consolation in G-d's promise?

The Talmud says that G-d folded up the entire land of Israel underneath Jacob's head. 

This represents the conquest of the "inner land of Israel", called the land of Canaan, or the Land of the 7 Nations.

Kabbalah explains that we have 7 negative traits. By overcoming and transforming our inner negative characteristics, we conquer our land of Israel. 

Listen to the story inside of "Zundel the Woodchopper" and the treasure that was literally in his backyard. 

Here's to finding our treasures and conquering our own Land of The 7 Nation!

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