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The month of Nissan is a super powerful month of miracles and redemption. There are so many amazing energetic spiritual properties to the month that give us tools to unleash our own personal redemption and the miraculous possibilities that G-d is waiting to draw down.
Nissan Women’s Circle- Hakhel
Etymology- Nes- miracles because its the month of miracles
Nes- comes from the word banner (flag) that is raised up, obvious
Adar- miracles that are within nature- so once we do the work of revealing Hashem within nature then we merit to have Hashem work in an above nature way.
Exodus of Egypt- 600,000 men women and children came out in daylight, crossing the sea of reeds.
Chag Aviv/ Spring- is when nature starts revealing itself- during the winter everything is in potential but in the spring the flowers bud and we start seeing the beauty and miracles of nature- this month has the energuy of revelaing the potentail latenet within us which is connecting our own personal Geula!
Talmud- 2 heads of the year- Tishrei-Rosh Hashana
A. Nissan- is head of year for kings, months, and for holidays
1.Kings ruled based on the month of Nissan- Cycle started in Nissan
2. Months-head of year for counting of the months
What does it mean that there are 2 heads of year?
Tishrei-  head of year- Where G-d is hidden within nature and it is meant for us to reveal and utilize and raise up- We start off the year with a sense of hiddenness and then we have to beseech him.
Head of months- Chodesh comes from Chiddsuh which means total newness and new energy is available for us on a very personal level
Tishrei- we know the avoda- Nissan and redemption is very personal and individual!!!
Given help from above- where we could feel like it is so heavy but we do the work and we have to know that HAhsem is right there with us!!
 Newness- that is Geula- Golus is staying stale, and stagnant and Geula is when we tap into the idea of newness and realize that we can upgrade and re-invent ourselves.
We are tapping into the newness and coming to know ourselves again.
This month we get the essence of the month of rejuvenation! And to expect unbelievable revealed miracles this month.
The miraculuous is available and possible-
How do we tap into the new energy?
Adar- was the month of Joy. Teaching us that we can only tap into the new energy from a place of open heart and expansivenss. 
LAst month was the Kuf because we need to clear away and call out  the kelipa forces for what they are to lift up the veils and the concealment to see reality for what it is and to say that it is the framgented parts of oursleves that are preventing us from acessing our personal geula.
Thats the only way to step into newness.
Head of year for kings
“Rishon Whoo Lachem”- LAchem is the same word as Melech (king)- A king is a leader and its the idea of being a leader over ourselves- taking ownership over our emotional, metal and physical experiences.
It takes us out of victim mode
Gets us out of Amalek mode and self doubt into the mode of personal leadership.
That taps us into our cocreative powers to create the reality that we want for ourselves.
Every successful leader was able to envision and create a future reality (Victor Frankl, King David, Martin Luther King) not dependent on their environmental circumstances.
The power that we have through the mind and heart to concreate the reality that we want for ourselves.
Science- speaking about the is that we have the ability to create a reality. Through thinking about the reality with our minds and feeling in our bodies ( Moshiach is bringing it into the body) on an emotional level what that feeling is on our bodies.
During Passover we are getting an emunah download- literally we will be eating Matzo and ingesting Emunah-
Emunah is believing in Hashem. Bitachon is Hashem believes in me- and living with that in the darkenss and challenges bringing Hashem there.
B.Head of the year for Holidays- Passover is head of year- If a person made a contribution to Temple, he has to pay the dues by Passover
C. Right Leg- Proactive- Netzach- taking leadership and ownership over my experiences.
The potential is there but we have to make the effort of going forward.
Yam Suf- Nachson ben Aminadav had to take the plunge!!
Personal Geula we have to face a lot of feelings that could be uncomfortable and that we may want to run away from. Geula comes when we embrace it and go into the feelings and work.
D. Speech- Sicha (Isaac was in the field and it says that he spoke in the field- its an internal speech
The poweer of refemption and speech!!
Tonspeak words of truth and connect to someone through our speech we have to be connected to our truth.
Speech- Culmination of Chabad (information is quantified) and Data channels into the emotions of the person- then it recycles into the thoughts again and we rethink about it and then it channels into speech-
If a person is connected to what they want to say (mind)- the emotion is focused and then the speech is pinpointed and strong
Talmud- Life and death is in the tounge-
King- Davar- the power of a king is to be an orator
E. Tribe- Judah- king David comes from there
G-d created the world through speech- life force energy in speech
Major holiday is Pesach- the mouth speaks- the mitzvah is to speak
Nissan= mouth 2 times (85 times 2)
Kabbalah says there was a silencing of the sefira of Malchus (Golus)-
When speech isn’t possible that is Golus and Geula is when
we can express ourselves. When you can really say who you are, you are connected to who you are and that is redemption.
Letter- Hey (hidden Hey) peh Sach
The hey which is the letter of speech (5 forms of utterances- speech, lip, palate. Tongue
The miracle of revelation of the Hey twice bc that is the final redemption.
In Geula we will have the redemption of speech
F. Goat-a docile animal that is led- we are then leaders of our lives
All great leaders were shepards
Speech needs to be directed and focused- need to lead the speech by the intellect.
Malchut- kingship has nothing of its own- it has expression of what is above it.
G. YKVK- direct revelation from above to below- its revealed miracles

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