Finding Unity Within: Preparing for Rosh Hashana

inner vibe parsha rosh hashana unity Sep 08, 2023


Parshat Nitzavim consistently precedes Rosh Hashana in our yearly reading cycle. It emphasizes the incredible strength found in unity.  

According to the teachings of the Ba'al Shem Tov, the secret to ushering in a sweet new year lies in the concept of unity encapsulated in this portion. This unity is not external but begins from deep within us.  Throughout the year, we encounter both successes and challenges.

By discovering this inner unity, we can connect with the unity that exists in the world around us.  As we approach the final 12 days of Elul, we are infused with a heightened sense of inspiration to learn from our past, regroup, and embrace the immense possibilities that await us in the coming year.

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