Restarting The Process When We Are Stuck

parsha the hidden light Feb 18, 2022

What happens when we fail? We often think that we have stooped lower and must reaffirm our original commitments to reestablish our previous standing.  

However, in truth, under the surface, there is growth... and we actually restart the process of growth and not continue the old ingrained patterns. Something new is born. 

In Parshat Ki Tisa (when you shall lift), we learn about the Second Tablets. The original Tablets were called "the handiwork of Hashem".

Yet, Moshe throws these Tablets to save the nation of Israel. In turn, Moshe beseeches Hashem and knocks on heaven's door to illicit divine mercy. What follows suit is the Second Tablets, a lesson in second chances and how to understand and experience new opportunities. 

It is interesting that the Parsha is called Parshat Ki Tisa "when you shall lift" when the majority of the parsha deals with the episode of the braking of the tables and the sin of the golden calf. 


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