Spiritual Algorithms- The Current Revolution

kabbalah Nov 20, 2018

The dictionary defines algorithm as “a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.”

Modern man can definitely boast over his accomplishment in all areas of science, technology and innovation. Great minds are continuing the trend of the industrial revolution of the 17th Century. We are coming up with technology which is  building upon the innovations of our predecessors by adding to  

In Homo Deus, Professor Yuval Harari puts it this way: “‘Algorithm’ is arguably the single most important concept in our world. If we want to understand our life and our future, we should make every effort to understand what an algorithm is, and how algorithms are connected with emotions.

An algorithm is a methodical set of steps that can be used to make calculations, resolve problems and reach decisions. An algorithm isn’t a particular calculation, but the method followed when making the calculation. For example, if you want to calculate the average between two numbers, you can use a simple algorithm. The algorithm says: ‘First step: add the two numbers together. Second step: divide the sum by two.’ When you enter the numbers 4 and 8, you get 6. When you enter 117 and 231, you get 174.”

Then he gives an example of a cooking recipe for soup. Here’s an imprecise but approximate algorithm for making a salad: “Get organic, fresh leafy greens. Wash. Cut. Throw in bowl. Add extra veggies like radishes, celery, onions, carrots, etc. Put some salad dressing on it (extra virgin olive oil is great; but no soybean oil or canola oil or other veggie oils) and perhaps add a little protein.” Voila. That’s your (overly simplified) salad algorithm.

A TON of things can be distilled into an algorithm. Understanding this fact is REALLY important. Why? Well, a lot of reasons.

For example, how does a Tesla drive itself? Algorithms. Millions of them.

And, here’s another fascinating thing to consider: Any job that can be distilled into a set of algorithms will almost certainly be performed by a “robot” with artificial intelligence in the not-too-distant future.

Researchers predict that by the year 2033, there’s an 89% chance that, for example, bus drivers will be out of work. Insurance underwriters have a 98% chance of being replaced while cashiers have a 97% chance of being out of work.

What about spiritual Algorithms? 

Well, if we are advancing at such a rapid speed in developing super complex algorithms to create self driving cars and robots etc,  we must also be advancing spiritually in developing a different set of algorithms. 

The primary book of Kabbalah, The Zohar tells us that in the middle of 6th millennium there will be a great innovation of the "lower waters and the higher waters". The lower waters are the advancements made in science, technology etc. while the higher waters are the spiritual innovations or revelations which will become revealed during that time. 

The Zohar's prediction of the second half of the 6th millennium turns out to be non other than the industrial revolution, where the world saw innovations which totally changed the society

The "higher waters" or spiritual innovation were introduced by the Ba'al Shem Tov, who applied the Kabbalistic secrets of the Torah which were taught by Rabbi Shimon in the Zohar and the ARI.

It must be that just as we are advancing in technology, we are spiritually advancing as well. 

 A good deed=A good deed

In Ethics of our Fathers, the Sages of the Mishnah (2nd Century) say "a mitzvah (good deed) leads to another mitzvah", meaning that one positive action leads to another positive action. The Sages further say "the reward of a Mitzvah is another Mitzvah". 

The Sages teach us that the spiritual world is made up algorithms. By learning to condition our selves to follow these set of algorithms, we continue our personal spiritual evolution as well as a global spiritual evolution. 

In the Zohar and the ARI's Eitz Chaim, the complex spiritual algorithms are detailed. If followed even on a simplified level, there is no question that we can optimize our personal lives, as well as make a global effect on the rest of the world.

On a basic level, we can all learn to make choices which lead us to live the spiritually fulfilling lives which we are destined to live. By asking the questions of how, and from where is this knowledge found we open our selves up a whole new set of spiritual algorithms which are driving our humanity to the next evolution of spiritual change. 

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