Spiritually Preparing For Passover | Discovering Da'at

inner vibe parsha passover redemption Mar 31, 2023

A deep discussion about achieving spiritual maturity via Da'at which allows us to live from our higher self. Lessons from the Arizal and Alter Rebbe on inner and outer redemption. 

Preparation for Passover is more than spring cleaning. Beyond removing the excess junk we collect and crumbs of bread from the cracks and crevices of our homes, there is the spiritual cleaning for Passover.

Chametz, or leavened bread, represents ego, while Matzah represents humility or complete acceptance of what is.

Our Sages teach us that CHametz-leavened bread and Matzah have the same letters. Well, mostly the same letters...

The letter Mem- מ and the letter Tzadik- צ. The difference is within the letter Hay- ה and Chet- ח